★ Couponing 101: How to Coupon (Overview)

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Lesson 1 of the Coupon 101 Class. In this quick video, I cover the basic overview of how extreme couponing works. The basic framework to learn How to Coupon for beginner couponers.

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Shelly Jirak says:

Very helpful!

Karoline Seymour says:

you are the coolest thanks

Sakeenah Williams says:

Hello, I'm just starting out and your videos are very helpful, thanks for the valuable information.

Monica Colling says:

I'm lost. I got my coupons printed and am looking at the ads, but have a few issues:

1) how do I know if a big brand with coupons/rebates/etc is better then going to a dollar general type of store and buying a generic?
2) i cant seem to match ads to coupons

craycrayboutcoupons craycrayboutcoupons says:

Great production of this video!

kelly nielsen says:

when do you make your weekly video on store deals Im just beginning your videos are so easy to understand thank you for sharing…

Katey Abreu says:

I'm planing to make a birthday party for my little brother ,but l don't have to much money.I need ideas.

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