✄ How to Read Coupon Lingo

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Lesson 4 of the Coupon 101 Class: How to Read Coupon Lingo

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You may have noticed on our blog (and other places where couponers gather) that we sometimes speak in the cryptic couponing lingo – where words are abbreviated.

I know this can be a little overwhelming when you are new to couponing. The good news is the couponing lingo is pretty easy to learn, even if they are a little awkward at first. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking fluently in “couponing” too. 🙂


Valerie Gil says:

I have been trying to coupon for a while now but i have been very confused and overwhelmed. This video and your entire channel has made it easier to understand and has made me excited again to learn how to coupon. thank you 🙂

Elizabeth Bobo says:

Wow, I knew most off them due to learning how to coupon. Knowledge of the term are so verrrrrry important Thank you, I've learned so much from watching freestufffinders

Sherrie Jamerson says:

I am just starting off doing coupons and this video helped me out a lot. Thanks

T says:

Hi, I came across CW for cartwheel? What does that mean?

asianlovsakura says:

The mm part, so Walmart has something for 1$ and coupon is 2$off, it's 1$mm but u don't actually get the 1$ back right? So r we really making $?

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