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Today I checked my PO BOX and was super excited to have recieved mail from you!!! Thank you so much Maria O. & Vernice for the mail, coupons and letter!!! I appreciate it so much! You both made my day brighter!

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Dara W
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ivette Rosado says:

awww dara don't worried you doing exellent and u see other people see what i always tell u on how u so helpful with ur videos specially for new people like me than u so much u almost make me cry with u..💕😉

Angie Maes says:

oh my goodness, you are so sweet. i teared up with you!! i have been watching you for a cpl of mths now and you help me so much. Thanks for all you do!!!

Shenikqwa Mcduffie says:

Your videos are great!! I thank you to

Tina Sorensen says:

Dara I recently stumbled across your channel and you are such a blessing! I am located right down the way in Huntington Beach and I was looking for someone more local due to regional sales differences. I never understood how to coupon at the drugstores and you really opened my eyes! Thank you for showing all of us how we can make our dollar stretch!

Gina Schweppe says:

Have a great weekend Dara!

Danielle Collins says:

you have me tearing up. New to couponing and your channel ♡

Robin M says:

thank you for all you do!!!

clicksandcrochets says:

Awwwe, you had me tearing up! You are such a sweet person and live your videos! Have a wonderful day!

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