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Bd Tube says:

আরেকটি সাইট আছে বললেন কিন্তু সেটার নামটা বললেননা কেন।লাইভ কার্ড দেখার জন্য

Md.Parvez Hasan says:

bhai telegram group a join hota chi but amr telegram apps thake link diya too join hosse na

Amir Khan says:

Vai ami ki apner whatsapp ba messenger group a add hote pari

A B BD says:

Vai page er ad manager ar nai

Aminur Tech says:

My ad account was disabled 😐

Abdul Kaium says:

vai facebook a page promote korlam,,kicukkon por approval o kore kintu amr page promote ta pause kore rakse,,,sekane reported ase time zon activity er ekon eta sompurno tik kobo kivabe?/jar fole amr page promote reach hoccena..

GaMing NawaR says:

Bro egula kun county bujbo kivaby


Where did you get the name? Of cardholder?

Fi sms says:

Is it possible for your Facebook account to contact you or WhatsApp?

Fi sms says:

Do you use a VPN?

Fi sms says:

does not work

بحر المعرفة Sea of Knowledge says:

The same problème

بحر المعرفة Sea of Knowledge says:

Whit vpn or not ??

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