CVS Free & Cheap Coupon Deals & Haul |10/18 – 10/24 | I Made Some Mistakes 🥴 But Still Made MONEY 🙌🏽

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In this vlog, I’m sharing some of the best deals you can shop at CVS this week! Please see Google Doc below for coupon locations and written breakdowns. Please also remember to hit the thumbs up button! 👍🏾❤️

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Wyn Coban says:

I’m 21 and starting to coupon to make my own stock, I did okay for my first try and I did not bad but I know I will get better. Thank you for being my inspiration to motivate myself to start couponing ❤️

Aricram Snika says:

Ok so my question is With the spend $30 get $10 purchases and with the spend $10 get $5 back purchases is it best to purchase these items in two different transactions or all together? Or does it matter?

The Word and Us says:

Wow..this is soo cool..I hope we connect.Take care..

Fellisha Alleyne says:

Hello! Awesome deals at CVS this week! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend! ❤️

América López says:

Would the poise coupons work if I bought the poise liners of 48ct?

Noie G says:

New to ur channel… God bless you!!

The Curly Experiment says:

What does crt mean

Angel Panda says:

hi star , i buy revlon foundation and cvs $5/1 crt did not work ,if i return i will get full amount or there will be less because of using ecb ?

Cassie S says:

Hi there!! Quick question, are the advance dove deodorant part of the deal too?

Kitty Kat says:

I hate paper coupons. Il pass il wait for an all digital

Dea Mason says:

I will be going to buy that snuggle and colgate tonight!

Heriberto Hernandez says:

This is amazing! Thank you for the video!

Abigail Olivares says:

Can you do an ibotta rebate??

Patty Flores Cintron says:

OMG 😱 great job !

Mary & Tyson says:

Star ~ You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for teaching us how to coupon…..You really break it down in such an understandable way…Thank you sooooo much!!! ~Mary xo

Breanna McCoy says:

Where do you get the digital coupons from?

Angel White says:

Do you have a printable list that breaks down the coupons for Manufacturer and digital, and CRT'S? I'm a new subscriber and would like to know if there's an easier way to jot down the items and breakdowns without having to rewind the video every few seconds.

Lovely Moala says:

Awesomeness love the deals.

Sandhya Junnu says:

I am waiting for next week couponing becoz I want to learn how to do couponing in cvs.

Jessica Morton says:

Love the hallmark card deal. My neighbors and parents will be like why are u getting me a Halloween card 😂

Jennifer Koger says:

Ahh, I wish I watched your haul first. I went to get 4 germ Kleenex as well and all the cashier would say is I was limited to 3 and I asked if I changed it would it work – she rolled her eyes and said it can only be three. I took my coupon, told her to void the transaction. Said thank you and left the store. Regardless, you made an amazing video as usual. Thanks!

rosa reyes says:

Hello 👋 I would like to ask you where do you get the digital coupons at I’m new on this trying to learn how to make my savings?? Thank you a many blessings 😊

Thon Potts says:

Hey Star and fellow couponers! By the looks of some of the comments; trust me, you won’t get it right the first time… tonight, I went to cvs w my husband to help me, my subtotal was $61 and change, I bout fell out and was bout to say VOID that entire transaction bc I was not bout to pay for all that. Then after my coupons and CRTs came out. The total ended up being 22$ with $11 of ECBs back, i think I did well

vanessa reyes says:

My store isn't tag for the cotton swaps

zscynthia81 says:

Ibotta has a rebate on Snuggle

Brian Furry says:

what gets me is they dont give u the coupon back on ur return. so they should give u the 3 coupon price on a card BECAUSE u used another q that means they have 2 that they are turning into proctor and gamble and getting 6 back3 for the product they still have and 3 for the one u got.

Lashena Keith says:

Savings star how do you get your rebate back from the do you scan you barcode

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