DOLLAR GENERAL | EASY OVERAGE Deals | New Digital Coupons | FREE MONEY | Paid $0.25 for 13 Items! 🔥🔥

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In this deal we are doing a little couponing at Dollar General using new digital coupons. You want to move on these deals fast, they could end at any time.

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Dot Lee says:

Yes yes y'all I just ran out to do this deal this morning the glade coupon was still glitching. Unfortunately, I could not find any of the small or travel size Pantene. But, I did grab a Clorox along with the two glade and paid $1 plus tax for everything

MissLove26 says:

Thanks Star!

Sarah Kirbach says:

OK…I have to tell you this b/c I'm excited. I JUST did this deal with two accounts: The first transaction: 2 glade sticks, three travel Pantene shampoos, four pack 1,000 sheet per roll toilet paper the DG brand (because it was $3 and I needed some toilet paper). This first transaction came out to be: $1.25 after tax. The second I scored the two glade sticks and three Pantene conditioners travel size, with a box of tampons that were 25% off, this transaction total was $0.02!! This was my very first try and it really works. Thank you so much Star, I'm looking forward to getting lots more deals 🙂

Anita Kirby says:

You always have awesome deals thanks for all your help happy Tuesday 🌈

Katina SINGLETARY says:

Yes my store was clean out is well of the Glade but thank you for the overage on the Pantene.

Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says:

0:57 auffällig

Jennifer Smolky says:

I'm new to this and guessing it's ok to do this if it's on here, right? Lol…I'm sorry guys, I probably sound dumb and I am when it comes to this digital stuff…lol

Jesusisthereasoniliv says:

Awesome deals Star

Pearl In Its Shell says:

Just came back from doing this deal and it worked! They didn’t have Pantene but I did get the glade!!! Thank you from California!!

Jennifer Palanuk says:

Thank you for let us know, have a blessed day.

sydney Miller says:

I was curious if it was possible to use two DG coupons at once? I plan on going on Saturday for their $5 off $25 deals but also have the $2 off $10 DG coupon for the Kellogs products. Will the $5 off $25 not come off because I'm already using a DG store coupon? lol

VAL RAD says:

Just went to get 2 deals!! Hopefully the deals are still in full affect tomorrow!! Thank you so much for all you do. 🤗

Miss' Case says:

Thank you so much for the deal !!! I purchased the Pantene and Glade without any hiccups… But my coupon for Finish dishwasher tabs did not come off. So It cost me around 3.00 for the deal. Which, is still great 🤗

Shanta Calais says:

Your so awesome thank you for sharing I’m a beginner and these videos are helpful.

Kristin Sosa says:

Thank you so much for this!!!!! I did these today!

Fabiola Escalante says:

I did it but used the BOGO for Palmolive or Ajax and paid ¢ 0.81

Donna Messer says:

Hi, tyfs, guys don't forget we have a new digital for the Welch's again. Giving overage

Karebear says:

Please y'all make sure ya add something for that overage. When it's a negative it flags it and dollar General Corp will notice. And shut it down. That's how they become dead deals quick. Jes a heads up for those who don't know. 😉

Tatys Creations says:

Hello Am new & i love ur videos!! Before I head out to the store , if theres no finish or clorox what else can I get? Sorry am so new at this

Denise Curry says:

Star I don't know how u do it but u just amaze me. I think u spend half of your time shopping and I'm trying to figure out what u do with the rest. But your great! Thanks so much

Gracie Acevedo says:

I’m loving your videos!! I went today to DG and the glade still worked but my store didn’t have the small pantene bottles but I still got something back! Thank you for the info!! Can’t wait to learn more!

Sarah Kirbach says:

I am a complete newby. I think I watched this video about 15 times and I might watch it 10 more, LOL. It's good info and the more I watch it the more I remember so I can give it a try. Thanks so much Star!

MaeMakes ByShamae says:

It worked here in NH…completely free!!!

Lauren Reeves says:

This is an awesome deal…but the dumb manager at my DG wouldn't let me do it. He was just going to give me the glade items for free. He wouldn't allow the overage…so I canceled my order. Glad you were able to score this deal.

Monica Marquez says:

What scent is attaching? Will try it during lunch break

Momma bear Eats says:

Star I am wondering how to get better deals when I don’t get p&g coupon books?

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