DOLLAR TREE COUPONING | 68 items for FREE | The "don’t know how to scan coupons" cashier is back😩😩

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I went to the dollartree today and look at what I got with coupons…
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michael mcgee says:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this lady cracks me up

Patrice J Avery says:

You passed it.

Heather Worley says:

Girl I just read some of your comments, I admire how your nice to people after they get on your post to say something negative. And I have watched many coupon videos and yours are my favorite. I couldn't sleep so I was watching the videos in the middle of the night and actually considered going outside to go thru my trash because I just thru so many of these coupons away…. well glad I found you, now I can stay up to date!!

Cami Kenmille says:

Alot of them probably didn't work cause usually the mfct coupons say it's not valid on travel size or less than a certain amount of ounces, on liquid or less than a certain amount of tablets or for cosmetics they usually aren't for single eyeshadows, the renuzits one maybe valid, and usually the toothpaste ones aren't valid because their not the same size as the ones in retail n grocery stores. I'm guessing not alot of these would actually work, you probably know that though. It says right on the coupon what sizes they're valid on!

John Secret Spirit says:

Olay is not Unilever lol,it's p&g ,p&g is not in in fetch

John Secret Spirit says:

I think speedstick zero is aluminum free, 120 points on fetch is 12 cent I think

linda shea says:

Your a nightmare customer!!

Phyllis Hammond says:

Where do you go for printable coupons

DetroitSoul1218 says:

What does "trick off" mean???

MiNellys Alvarez says:

I tired the advil but they said that they have to be 20ct

Melinda Bradshaw says:

That cashier wont be there much longer. You cant use half those coupons you used. You cant use over a $1 coupon they will not give you overage. You got the wrong size that she let you use. And you do know if it worked or not because you have a reciet. I am sure the cashier was a friend. Even a dt employee would not risk their job for taking all your non useable coupons. And I wont see you in the next one……

leslie holmes says:

Yes u are right about the coupon. .

Tsunami Lan says:

All stores get face value plus the extra. It’s on the coupon. Don’t fall for the sob story.

Lora Gardner says:

Almost Lost your wig! Hilarious!

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