Easy Freebie at Family DollaršŸ¤‘ Free Crest W/ digital coupon

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Newbie friendly deal!
Free crest toothpaste at Family Dollar


Laura. I love couponing Bare says:

If you buy 4 on same receipt will they all be free

Roseanna Kuhlman says:

Ok thank you!

Roseanna Kuhlman says:

When you get the digitals can you use that one digital on only one product or will that digital apply to all four that you got?

Thank you!:)

Billy's Family says:

I enjoy it sisy .I love crest darling. Hope you could subbed back my dear I am subbed to you for long

Stephanie McQueen says:

Hey girl new subbie #396! Love all these hauls ! Keep them coming šŸ‘
Let's be youtube friends ! Stop by my channel !

Love Sierra Denae says:

I love these back to back notificationsšŸ˜

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