Try-On Haul (WITH discount codes!) ♡ Fashion Nova, AMI Clubwear, Givenchy & more

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Hope you all enjoy this HUGE try-on haul + COUPON CODES! All from MCM, Versace, Givenchy, Fashion Nova, Lolashoetique, AMI Clubwear and more! Scroll for links to all the items. ♡ Maral Abedin
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givenchy sunglasses:
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FASHION NOVA: **use “XOMARAL” for 15% off!**
ballerina bodysuit:
mesh bodysuit:
silk bodysuit:
flawless bodysuit:
strappy dress:


nude dress:

AMI CLUBWEAR: **use “MARAL50” for 50% off**
fishnet tights:
denim open toe heels:
denim olive heels:
gold sandals:
pink flower heels:
cheeky jeans:
pink 2 piece set:
hot pink denim shorts:
floral dress:
black bodysuit:

pink velvet bodysuit:
silk slip dress:
black heels:

crossbody bag:

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Aidette Cancino says:

the audio soumds extra bomb omg

Sam S says:

Your skin doesn't absorb makeup. Otherwise all these fair skinned girls wearing darker/orangey foundations would soon turn into those colors but they don't lol

Sarah Tahma says:


Ericka Castro says:


Nazanin Kavari says:

Nose contour on fleeek

SmartBuyGlasses says:

Wonderful choice of sunnies dear 😍

Merisa __ says:

Why is it a try-on if u dont even try everything on?? Ugh i hate that so much😑

Merisa __ says:

Why is it a try-on if u dont try everything on?? Ugh i hate that so much😑

Merna Issa says:

You are poppin in this video😍

Jennifer Flores says:

Damn mamas you look so good

Solybel says:

@Naveena okay I know. I'm saying the entirely different makeup is what makes her face look different. Not whatever your shadily hinting. Idiot.


Any small youtubers want to support eachother?? ❤️

Kylah Mason says:

You say your gaining weight but it's in all the right places so you're blessed girl 🙂

Liliaan Joha says:

You are gorgeous 😍😍😍

Mojalistic says:

like that music =)

Ayesha Khan says:

your makeup is flawless

Ana Lazcano says:

your top 😍

Anatasiya Miyon says:

Notification squad!!!love you❤

Emily Ann Shaheen says:

I love this so much!! The quality is amazing and I love everything you showed!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

cassie zigray says:

anyone that isn't subscribed to maral should really subscribe to this beautiful face 😘😘😘😘😉😉😉

Maria Lopez says:

You look so good and classy in this video! I'm glad your finally wearing a strapless bra with strapless shirts/dresses!! Looks so much better

Beck 1234 says:


J Quix says:

People are so rude to maral🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ omg this is her personality. I'm literally the same why and people ALWAYS say I look so mean or I'm mean to my boyfriend & look miserable. Not everyone likes to be up in people's face smiling & shit🙄 stop hating on facial expressions 😭😂 some people aren't so hyper 🤷🏽‍♀️

Kaulana Jimenez says:

pretty ❤️

Princess Sara says:

I love your hauls❤️ You are so beautiful

Koby Lomax says:

Yes! And the aluminum Bio accumulates under your arms and it's really not good! Working out helps it because the sweat helps to let some of it out through your pores but it's best to just avoid it in total! So y'all go hook Maral up and use her code😎💪🏾 and Maral you always slay my life! I love it 😍 and I want to get an MCM Backpack. Their stuff is so nice

Hadassah Immanuel says:

aquamarine the white one your wearing and gray one soocute and where u got the cute purse at tlhe end?

Brielle D says:

pleaseeee make a video on how you edit your videos bc it's always A1 💯 love ya boo💕💕

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