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Meek's Coupon Life says:

Hey guys! So I forgot to insert pictures of the rebates. But you can just search it on Ibotta and the rebate should come up for you!

Kya Simons Life says:

Good Score Finding The P.G I Had 2 Used all my Tides Already ☺️

Siretha Buggs says:

I can't make out what she says at 9:32 "1,000 points on ——" Anyone know?

Daina Moran says:

Thank you very much for the deals that you do. It also helps me be a little bit more organized your document helps me with the items and coupons that I will need. Thank you again have a blessed day

Diamond Barnes says:

I don't know if it is everywhere but the pioneer woman bbq sauce is 2.48, with the $1 off paper coupon it's 1.48, ibotta gives you 75 cent making it 73 cent.
Thank you so much I look forward to seeing your walmart hauls. I wasn't able to get any inserts this week, but i'm glad that you use paper coupons as well.

kassidie perdue says:

So today I used Ibotta for real. Normally I just do a few cent offers here and there but today I made a list and used coupons I spent $46 at the store, I then scanned my receipt and got back $32 from Ibotta so basically spending $14 on 17 items (Pain meds, razors, ice cream, and more!) Super happy with my first real Ibotta adventure.

nata jones says:

Gm. I couldn't find the pioneer woman at my walmart either. But i did find it at Food lion but the rebate for ibotta is not there

Gail Pascale says:

My Walmart trip this week I had no worries. 9$ in rebates plus a 10$ big boom bonus for 15 items. Not bad at all. Thank you I'm waiting for my DG video..wink

L. D. Matheny says:

👍👏 Thanks for showing us newbees how and what to do at so many different stores…You explain things so everyone can understand… "You Go Girl."👸💪

Aisha M Coupons says:

My Walmart doesn't accept IPs anymore 🙁 sob!
That was a great find with those coupons in the buggy!

Sarah T says:

Checkout 51 has a bic rebate

Ivica Dp says:

Excedrin is not good for the stomach, they start causing ulcers, better is Tylenol, I used to buy them because they were the only one that helped me but since doctor told me is not good for my stomach I get rid of them!

Cool Blue says:

Good job. Thank you for sharing. I will be doing some of these. I need to checkout 51.

Heidi Newberg says:

Lucky duck! I was out of town working and had my daughter and her friend pick me up papers Sunday. When I got back last night I immediately started pulling coupon inserts and didn’t have any P&Gs! 6 papers and not a one 😡! And they had all the papers at the register.

Tamara Shiyab says:

At my store, the pioneer woman BBQ sauce is $2.48. I have about four or five Walmarts around me and only one carries the product.

Erica Johnson says:

Hello,Thank you for sharing. I love shopping at Walmart and using those rebates apps. I hate spending my own money, LOL . Many Blessings.

Laura Denham says:

I know how frustrating it is to look for so long at Walmart and not find your item. This is my tip! Use the original Walmart app (dark blue w/gold star). Search the item. It will tell you what aisle it on as well as the shelf number. Yes! There’s shelf numbers if you look. Good luck! And happy couponing.

Denise Brady says:

Thanks for all you hard work

Nancy Mendoza says:

Idk but I seen on ig that someone posted a picture of Walmart and they had a both and had free p n g inserts maybe someone didn’t want them anf left them in the car. Tempted to go and check myself

Cintia Adan says:

how do you get coupons ?

Spending & Saving With Keetha says:

Ooooo Weeeee P&G/Clearance/Overage/Yesss Neutrogena Bae 😻 Quantum Yes I wish those was bogo at Walgreens like the finish / That's my baby Swirls I got those last week for her, but it was in cups with frozen sticks !! Nice haul

elegant0896 says:

Awesome haul! TFS!

Angela Tyler says:

Great haul. Thanks

Marlene Arocho says:

P&G.Your blessing for helping that lady at Dollar Tree 🙂

Gabrielle Dimming says:

Price of Pioneer Woman is 2.48

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