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First video for all-request October!

Planning my meals for the week, making the grocery list and going shopping!


Roby Ryan says:

We are east coast and 250 is average for us as well! So happy to have found a Canadian mama to follow!

Ashley Bellmore says:

I'm in Ontario and it is about 150 a week sometimes 200 for our family of 5 so I feel you. It is unavoidable.

Juliana Pettinati says:

Hi! I’m not a slob so secret, but very revealed 😂😂😂 and a fan of you ❤️ My brother and his family live in Ottawa, which is not so expensive as Toronto and is good to raise children. But when they moved to Canada at first, they lived in Montreal. Sooo expensive, in comparison with the two other ones. He says the taxes also vary a lot. I liked so much your meal plan. Love from Brazil 😘😘😘❤️🌹

EmeryShae says:

My thoughts are that if you aren’t in consumer debt, you get all the freedom with how you spend your money. I’m also Canadian, but live in southern Manitoba. Pretty low cost of living for Canada. I save by buying produce that’s either on a really good sale or in season, so the quality is better. I often buy frozen berries in the winter because they are much cheaper. I do all the baking, so I don’t buy bread or cookies or muffins or anything. If we have it, it’s homemade. Basically, sticking to shopping sales and stocking up when there is a great sale is the best way to cut down a grocery budget. Then just cook from what’s already in your freezer or pantry. Produce will always be part of my budget too.

Alex Wilcox says:

I so appreciate a canadian haul! We are currently trying to stick to jordan pages $100 per month per person… we are a family of 3 and ive been trying to stick to $350 and its a STRUGGLE to eat even remotely healthy… so i appreciate this video! I wish in canada we could eat healthy for $87 per week but its practically IMPOSSIBLE. So this video makes me feel less guilty about upping my grocery budget next month!

Country Momma xoxo says:

Groceries are high there but at least you got health care covered, wish we did it’s crazy high here even with insurance where I live it’s so so high, i mean god help us if anything bad happens, I recently subscribed and love your channel and you have really made it so much easier to understand fly lady

heidi martinez says:

where did your pantry doors go?

Michelle Anne DeGroot says:

Thank you! Finally a channel with Canada pricing! 😊 Hi from Kelowna.

Ashley Stark says:

For most people living in the vancouver area. You can do it a lot cheaper than this.

mtheta says:

So refreshing to see a Canadian weekly grocery budget that realistic with healthy options is refreshing. We are really trying to budget as a family of 5 and I find $250 is as low as I can get without sacrificing the fresh fruits & veggies. Watching the US hauls where they spend $300 or less a MONTH is nuts to me!

Sarah R says:

I love that you are talking real BC prices. We live on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. so no Walmart, no Costco. Food is expensive!!! Oh, and ps – we went for an anniversary dinner last week: $250!!!

English Rose says:

Oh I forgot to mention that while our US neighbours are enjoying cheap cucumbers, we’re enjoying FREE medical care for all citizens.

English Rose says:

I’m from BC about 3 hour drive east from Vancouver and our grocery prices are cheaper for sure. When we visited San Francisco the price of nectarines grown in California was more expensive than the same grown in California ones sold here.

Reale Treasures says:

I'll have to show my hubby this vid when he complains about the cost of food here in AZ. The difference is tremendous! For instance, our asparagus is $3.99 off sale but this week I got some for $1.48 on sale.

Pinay in the Rockies says:

Im from Calgary, Alberta- For 2 person our budget is 150-200 per week… Food here in Canada is soooo expensive compared to the States and I always envy grocery haul in the US.

Devon Myers says:

Girl I live on the island and this makes me feel so much better. I always tell my Alberta and American family that my groceries are more expensive than my mortgage which on the island isn't cheap either and they don't believe me. But it's true. Mind you I do make exceptions to be more ethical with meat purchases so it tends to be more than a cheap Walmart pack of chicken but I used to be vegetarian and it really hasn't made a large difference as we eat meat once a week if that. But all of those American grocery hauls have me thinking I must eat more than an elephant. Nope!

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