★ 18 FREEBIES & Deals: Target, CVS Couponing Haul (Week 5/26-6/1)

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The Top 18 Freebies & Deals this Week at Target & CVS. Including 4 Freebie Deals. These deals are good for week between (5/26 – 6/1).
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See Show Notes Here: ►http://bit.ly/video526

Each week, I publish a new shopping haul video like this one that highlights the best weekly deals in stores for that week. We save money each week using easy printable coupons, insert coupons from the newspaper and cashback apps such as ibotta, fetch rewards, checkout51. And we match these coupons with current week’s sales. Most deals in these videos are super easy for couponing beginners who are learning how to coupon.

See my couponing haul for this week. This week I head to Target and CVS. Couponing at Target deals this week include FREE Shampoo & Conditioner and 3 Free Razors. CVS haul this week includes Free Covergirl and more Free Razors, plus Toilet Paper deals.

These weekly Monday videos where I go shopping with coupons are great for couponing beginners who are learning how to coupon, and learn how to coupon at Target and CVS. Free free to leave your questions in the comment section. I’ll do my best to help! #couponing #deals #savemoney

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Free Stuff Finder says:

Hope you guys are having a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend! Here are the show notes for today's video: http://bit.ly/video526
QUICK QUESTION: Should I continue to post replays of IG Live videos up on YouTube? I've been posting them, and then moving them to private in the evening time. Since most of them are short lived deals.

Sarah Savings says:

My 🎯 only has 25% for the act with order pickup, so I can’t use coupons 😞

Kathy DiPaola says:

I can't find a Quatro package at my Target that matches any deals…the Ibotta says no disposable razors, but isn't that what you are showing? They wouldn't be that cheap if they were not, right?

Alba Andres says:

Thanks for your video😉

mary bugarin says:

Hi does anyone know with the dog treat deal at Targer, how does it work if I want to use the big1 free beggin dog q

Me Trouble says:

Hey Tina!!! Thanos so much for these tips and savings. Check you ckout51 there is a rebate for the scott tissue…..

Tyler Paterno says:

At my Target the Milkbone dog treats had 2 dollar off each coupons attached so it made a really great deal.

connie juh says:

How do you pricematch Target's online price in store?

Katy Hunter says:

Thanks for covering the dog treats!

Gabriela Rosillo says:

Good morning beautiful! I’m just watching your video. Trying to gather my coupons and hit the stores after work. I’ll be doing small hauls. I’m in need of toilet paper and towels. Thank you for always being so upbeat in your videos. You have a great team that supports you. ❤️💜❤️

Faith Hagelstein says:

You are amazing and i love your videos

Vanessa Hernandez says:

My target doesn’t have a lot of meat to choose from but I could get frozen chicken wings?? 🤔 thank you

Randee Saves says:

Thank you for this video! That mermaid fanny pack is awesome 😁

angeewells says:

Lol. I love the fanny pack!

teresagirl005 says:

Thanks! And loved ur live video

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

c ortiz says:

very organized video 😊 thankyou for the deals

Sabina Solomon says:

Please can you do more school supplies giveaways

Amy Stotts says:

Mr. FSF and last week’s fanny pack! 😂. I grabbed the razors at target. The Act was at 0 right away when I loaded my Checkout 51 offers.

Francis Avendano says:

Love ❤️ your videos.

Evangeline Boyles says:

got to grab those free razors. I've been donating them

Sonic Boom says:

Great offers

Jeanine Indinemao says:

Thank you for the very organized and easy to follow amazing video!!! I loved the parts with your assistant and his mermaid 🧜‍♀️ fanny pack, hysterical 🤣🤣🤣

Vicky Herrera says:

Thanks Tina! Have a great week! I don’t remember seeing the Elvive coupon, but will look for it.

Simon Doomslayer says:

Thank you! Couponing always seemed way too complicated until I saw one of your videos.

Cheeze Face says:

Thankyou for teaching me about target 🎯, I’m very grateful, hope your holiday was good as well. Have a blessed day😘🙏👍

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