★ 7 FREEBIES – Target & CVS Coupon DEALS (Week 10/2-10/8)

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This video highlights the best couponing deals and clearance finds this week at Target & CVS Couponing Deals Shopping Trip (Week 10/2-10/8).

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MCH MyCouponHunter says:

Love Coupons

heartofgod4u says:

did anyone else have an issue with the $3ip? when cashier scanned, the amount changed to like $2.68, anyone know why??

Chelsi Villa says:

How can I get multiples of coupons? She said use 3 manufacturer coupons but as we know the RP and P&G only gives one

M P says:

Hi Tina! I went to one of my targets today and they told me that I can no longer combine manufacture coupons with a Target in add coupon. They said that was considered double dipping. I called corporate while at the store and they told me that each store can basically make up their own rules. I am so disappointed that Target Corp gives such wide discretion to their employees who are often so ignorant. It is very frustrating to deal with a lack of consistency throughout Target stores. Do you have any suggestions?

Norma Vera says:

Hi Tina, I went to Target yesterday to buy the Sheba. As you mentioned I gave the cashier (4) $1/3 printed coupons and (1) 30% mc coupon. but the cashier only accepted (1) $1/3 coupon and 30% coupon. I questioned her of why she did not accepted the others $1/3 printed coupon and he responded that the coupon says limit 1 per purchase and that Target coupon policy has been change. please let me know if she was correct?

Sandra Barrioz says:

Hi Tina thanks for sharing your videos love watching them and I appreciate

Nina Lor says:

how many times can I do the beauty deal at target?

Meuy Saeteurb says:

Sorry about that actually I thought you did the cereal deal at cvs 🙂

Meuy Saeteurb says:

Hi I did the cereal deal and I wasn't sure if the Corn Pops were included. I was afraid to get it bc the sign didn't say $1.99 and the redbox was out of service???

Josie Dela Cruz - Perez says:

Awesome! TYSM Tina for keeping us posted every single week!

J Stevens says:

Music is nice but to loud, thanks.

Mrs Nonda says:

Great Haul! I did the cover girl deal and target computer dropped my $3 coupon to $2.33. They said since it was a gift card promotion. I called corporate and they said it was correct.

Brenda Gomez says:

where do i get the movie credit from? what's the website? thank you! 🙂

Carrie Decker says:

I tried the Coconut and the Watermelon Bai drinks. They are amazing

lilallnatural1 says:

Thank You!!!

Kathy Christensen says:

Thanks for the great ideas.

Crissalyn Vongsai says:

For cvs cover girl there's also a $3/$15 cosmetic store q to lower OOP

Ethos323 says:

love you Tina. your the best. I love watching your videos.

lisa p. says:

Thanks Tina for the great deals. Going to be interesting to see what personal items I can get at Target. Bummer they won't give you rain checks.

Fabulous Book Fiend says:

I did the hungry jack deal & you get a 50c bonus of you do both rebates so $1.50 in total! 👍🏻

CouponingWithYae says:

Did anybody catch the RUN deal on Airwick at Target?! oil warmers, etc were 3 for $5!!!! Coupons available but no coupons needed>>>

Tere Glez says:

Hi Tina, can we use just 1 of the target coupon on the weekly add for all of the offers, or 1 coupon per offer?

Brenda Ortiz says:

Wow thank you 😄

Miss Haley says:

Where can I find the $3 off covergirl? I looked on coupons.com and it's not there

Jillian Williams says:

thank you Tina enjoy your videos

Norma Nallely says:

thank you!! going tomorrow😊

KeEnzy Nosmas says:

Hi Tina, do you know if Target is like CVS with the rewards thing? Example, if I buy $30 of the qualifying items, would I get 2 of the $5 giftcard in 1 transaction? Or should I get them in 2 transactions.

Sara Robinson says:

what is the cheapest way you print your coupons? I have a printer but want to find the cheapest way to be printing out coupons

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