★ 8 FREEBIES – Target & CVS Coupon DEALS (Week 12/4-12/10)

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This video highlights the best couponing deals and clearance finds this week at Target & CVS Couponing Deals Shopping Trip (Week 12/4-12/10).

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Claudia Ayala says:

Do you have to be a target member like the cvs club to receive the gift cards Tina?

Patty Cakes says:

first time watching you! love the video except the music, I think is too loud it distracts a little bit from your explanations thank you for sharing the deals 💕

Kerka says:

So off topic (kinda) but my puppy recently broke her leg (bad car accident) and my husband and I were in a tough financial spot. We had to take our pup to the emergency vet and they offered to keep her overnight. We had to come up with the money to pay the emergency vet by the morning otherwise they said they would have to put her down. We didn't have enough in our bank or credit cards and then I remembered my Ibotta money! I had more than enough money stacking up there to cover the vet bill. I transferred the funds to PayPal then to my bank account and by the grace of God the funds were there by 11am the next day.

Why tell you any of this? If it wasn't for you talking about Ibotta I would have never heard of it. I would have never been saving all this money on shopping trips. My dog would have had to be put down but God works in mysterious ways.

Thank you Tina:) God bless!

Tracey Humphreys says:

I did this DouFusion rebate 3 months ago when I bought IT @ CVS…shouldn't I have received the rebate $ by now? How long does it usually take?

#1 P says:

this bitch works for target and just wants to get money for target ill pass im looking for free stuff no money out of pocket with coupons~

#1 P says:

this stupid bitch how is it free if i still have to pay ?? GTFOH

Jen Browne says:

I ended up with 6 cans paying $11.42 after gift card $1.42… Unreal!! In California they were a bit more expensive but still awesome deal…

Dien Tran says:

I love using coupons like this, but do you think I would look bad or cheap if I come to the store and use a bunch of coupons at the checkout? 😖

Sara International says:

hi,thank you for this, I'm at target now ,and I wanted to know will the batteries rebate work if I do 2 times in one transaction, and if I paid with target gift cards ?

Maria Erendira Menchaca-Araujo says:

the checkout 51 rebate for Head & shoulders is for the 700ml (23.7 Fl oz) bottle only, which is the big one.

LV QT says:

Brilliant; the stores planned their sales for the end of "No-shave November."

Rested Thred says:

Hello Tina, as I was watching your video I fell in love with your sweater/cardigan. I kept thinking it was Lularoe, is it? Love love it!

Naturally Ebonie says:

You always talk about checkout51 but whenever I use a coupon I'm not able to get the rebate deal. What am I doing wrong?

LIllian Santos says:

Hi Tina. I love and appreciate what you do.

Kendall Fenn says:

Just letting you know but I think you talk way to fast

moonlight blues says:

all these shaving gel/cream deals and I just use my body wash to shave lol

Coco Knows Best says:

thanks Tina have a wonderful week 🌻🌼🌻

Rachel Nolasco says:

shave gel makes great stocking stuffers. 🎄🎁❄

Sammy Jayne - Idle Girl says:

Loved this!! xx

Marissa Semallie says:

I'll do the Scott deal get three and use three dollar off coupons and I also have a $2 off Scott personalized coupons too 😀

Money Groves says:

I just picked up the free Arm & Hammer toothpaste!! So easy and such a great deal. This might be obvious to some people, but you do have to pay the tax of $0.24 — but that's it. 🙂

Vanessa Hernandez says:

CAN you do these GC promotions online? For example the shave cream that doesn't require coupons?

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