✔️BEST COUPONING DEALS THIS WEEK | Free Tomatoes, Free Razors, Free Make Up Gifts & More!

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Deals at CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Target, BJ’s Wholesale, Walgreens, & ShopRite

1:50 – CVS
7:42 – BJ’s
9:36 – Target
18:18 – Rite aid
19:17 – Walmart
21:16 – Walgreens
23:20 – ShopRite

Cindy’s Instagram – @livingrichwithcoupons
Megan’s Instagram – @LivingRichwithMegan

✳︎Get the coupons for all these deals here — http://lrwc.co/2AxyfqD

Deals good through 12/9/17


Ivis Valentine says:

Hiii! i'm a new couponer in the making and I must say that I love your videos. You two are amazing. I'm a first time mommy and learning how to coupon is so essential. I can't wait for your videos in January. Really looking forward to learning how to be a couponer. I love the Shoprite and Walmart DEALS!! Still trying to figure out CVS and Walgreens. Will you show us in videos how they both work with Extra bucks and reward deals. That part gets confusing.

Debbie Ruggiano says:

Love all your videos including Shop Rite. Thank you.

UCF Mum says:

Awesome videos 👍👍 I was wondering is it possible to include printable breakdowns with your videos?

Deanne Fraser says:

Cindy and daughter,December1st was my one year Anniversay on couponing.Thanks, I watched all your beginners videos,and am proud to say,you are my tutor.I have an amazing stock pile.Still need my little Instore coupon pouch.Please consider doing an Amazon,etc to allow purchases.As always I appreciate you and daughter.A hearty appreciation.

Amy Stotts says:

If you don't have the bic printable, coupons.com has one. 😁

C Nutter says:

My CVS Store has American Greeting, the deal doesn't make them are free but still good deal. 😉

Lisa Mac says:

That's awesome.  I can't wait for January.

Jannette Effinger says:

Wow, l can't wait to start.

Miss Lucy says:

You're awesome! I'm still new at this couponing but you gals are helping me tremendously!!!

Patty Cakes says:

am looking forward to see you start from zero and am going to try to do your same deals 👍👍💕💕💕

Imelda Ortiz says:

I completely forgot today was Tuesday!! Lol but I’m so excited for January donating is such a good thing 🤗🤗👏🏼😘 I’m moving to Florida from North Carolina and I’ll be getting rid of my stockpile too

Jessica Mendez says:

Awwww I don't have instagram but love the videos thanks for the deals so awesome

Maria Madeza says:

For me! lol

Jasmine Pierre says:

Could you do a bj couponing video

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