❤ HOW TO: Red Hair – Coloring, Care, Shine, Tips & Tricks ❤

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Hi everyone! I am so sorry for the delay! I had to go through HOURS of material and the video was originally 40 minutes long. And once again I´m sorry for my uptalk I´m working on my accent so bad atm , hopefully it will be much better soooon!
Also I´m not really sure whats up with the sound in this video , it´s super high pitched and I cant do anything about it. Sorry for that to I guess lol.

I really hope that you liked this video I had a lot of fun making it for you!

Hair Extentions:


I am wearing the “Princess Superior 280g 24″” in the color Chestnut Brown (custom dyed them)

Hair dye: Garnier Ultra Color in the color “Vibrant Red”

Revlon Nutri Color Creme: (the red stuff I mixed with conditioner) in the colours “500” and “600”
And I use the red stuff AFTER shampooing as a hair mask for 2-5 hours. I even sleep with the hair mask in my hair sometimes.

Argan oil: As a “leave-in” treatment
Coconut oil: As a hair mask


skylar ss says:

She reminds me of Megan fox

Jennifer Mudge says:

she is beautiful but all i can look at is the messed up eyelash… totally taken away from the actual video

TheSlowLenny King says:

Haha! My moms dying my hair red she said I won't go bald so I believe her

Justine Medina says:

I'm going to try to dye my hair your color. I just wanted to make sure I am mixing correctly. So I put the box of garnier in vibrant red first then like the next day or something do I do the 500 and 600 with the conditioner? How often do I do the 500 and 600 with conditioner mask? Is that like a weekly thing? Thank you so much for your help! Your so pretty!!!!

Jessica Manning says:

omg thank you so much for this video. I saw your picture on pinterest and saved it for the color that I want. I bought Merlot Vibrant Red by Vidal Sassoon and I love it but its not as bright as this. Now I know what color to get!

Maria enriquez says:

I have the same color and I love it but my boss told that is was so bright for work, so I have to dye my hair in more conservative color 😔

B Sedjet says:

Hi ! thank you for your video ! I'm french and i was searching for good advices about what kind of product i could use to dye my hair in red for the first time 🙂 And for this first time i must admit that i'm afraid of the future result mdr I have brown hair too and I have buyed the same products that you show in your video, I will try it as soon as i can, hoping that it will be great 🙂 You are beautiful and talented, keep going and thanks for all your advices ! Barbara

Judy Landry says:

I just found you on YouTube and omg Your so stunning . Thanks for the tips. I bought the same dye. Wish me luck lol

Eissie Swick says:

After you wash the dye out do what until your hair is dry to add the other color

Carrie Lynn says:

Your so pretty and i love red hair but it washes out way to fast:((

Bianca Andrade says:

Do you dye your roots?

Mikayla Maelynn says:

you are so pretty i love your hair!

shae h says:

i had super dark brown hair and i used Loreal HiLights in Magenta with a 30 volume developer and it lifted my hair so much. now i use a 20 developer when im refreshing it. ive never had to bleach it and its super bright!!

MommyFace says:

Your so beautiful ,I love your hair.

tamara fatteroth says:

wow loveley hair color

Samantha Sallada says:

Red Burgundy hair extensions for salehttps://http://www.ebay.com/itm/112503957706

Lindsey conklin says:

I am going to dye my hair manic panic vampire red for my video please watch

Ester Avila says:

am i the only one that sees her eyelashes is too short for her. im not hating. she is beautifull. with nice teeth. just that her lashes stand out for me.

Tenille Tollison says:

yes those hi color, for dark hair only work very well…. and you do NOT use beach with them…. definitely make sure you NEVER use bleach/hair lightner with those… the results are at their best, on NATURAL dark hair!!!! not dark box dye, or haircolor…. results are at their best/most vibrant on natural hair… and yes, I am a licensed Cosmetologist, over 16 yrs now, with lots of actual salon experience, if wondering lol…. anyway for a color that is available to everyone, even non licensed, this is a pretty good one, for what it does!! ( oh and this is just a random side note…. I never knew this for sure, UNTIL I actually worked for Sally's beauty supply for a little while… most, NOT ALL, but most of their employees DO NOT, DO NOT have their Cosmetology license, some don't know a thing about doing hair… other than bits and pieces of what they are told, SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, BE AWARE OF getting hair or hair product advice or instructions from them….. not saying all, bc I did have my license… but I was also VERY NEW at doing hair… actually not long out if school and getting my license from the Board of Cosmetology…. so just bc a person has license or is in "beauty school", that doesn't mean they know what they are doing!!!!!! sadly many people have came in there, from being told how to do their hair, and ruined it… that's how I found out, my 1st week there, you wouldn't believe the amount of people that came in with tears that they are NOT licensed and don't know anything about hair, nails, etc… so please be careful… also if you are licensed, most of the time they DO NOT PAY YOU FOR YOU KNOWLEDGE OR THE FACT OF BEING LICENSED… they WANT licensed Cosmetologists, but they don't won't to pay you…. so not worth it… unless they have changed their pay in the last year's…..

Jacqueline Leos says:

before dye your own hair red what color was it?

Colleen Scarbrough says:

I've had my hair colored red by a salon and my color keeps fading and I really don't want to keep going inn to have them color it with the red shampoo and pay $45 every few days. Can I do this over the red I already have and it be safe to not chemically ruin my hair?

Jani Mendez says:

I dyed my hair red and I love it! thnx for the tips. love u! xx

Lisa Braithwaite says:

girl your eyes that color 😍😍😍😍

Jayred101 says:

Can you tell me what lipstick and blush you're wearing ? It compliments your hair color ! I'm a red head too and find that my makeup doesn't match my redhead . Thanks

Marina d'Orthez says:

what is the brand & color of the lipstick you're wearing in this video? I love it

Sarah Jane says:

Ughh I miss my red hair! 😩💔 why oh why, did I dye it black?!

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