🍁Walmart Grocery and Coupon Haul (with prices) 10/13/17🌻

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goode2shuz1 says:

Good deals!

Bernadette Mcmahon says:

I love hearing about the use of coupons to get better deals. Excellent video..loved it! Tfs 😊

209serenity says:

Oh Sara, if you're interested in more Gain in tropical sunrise scent go to Hollar! If you use my link (in my videos) you get $5 off and free shipping right now! They give me $5 too but they have the Gain 20 Ct for 4.49. If you order 3, use my link and get $5 off plus use code SOAPPY for extra $2 off if you use the app to purchase. You would only pay 6.47 plus tax for 60 pods, making them .11 each pod 😁. Of course you get anything you want but since you were showing Gain it reminded me of Hollar. Okay, back to your video lol.

Jenna B says:

Great haul Sara! Love seeing I have. A notification from you! Your channel is great! 💞

Iheart2cook says:

Hello, I love how you showed the Gain deals. Very helpful. FYI just bought brown sugar at Aldi last night, it was only $.99

Scarlett's Southern Mess says:

Love your Walmart grocery hauls 🙂

Erin H says:

Miss Cleo called and told me that she see's a lot of eggs in your future. #eggsalad That's a dope deal on eggs by the by. Thanks for sharing Miss Sara! 🙂

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