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Nekole J says:

Hey. Those dollar Pampers can I still use the 3d paper coupon on them?

Elizabeth Flores says:

Thank you so much for teaching us I’m knew here but I’ve already watch a lot of your videos liked also I’ve always wanted to coupon and you make it so easy to learn god bless you thank u for all you do hope god blesses you❤️

Angelica Garcia says:

Fast foward to 12:05 if you want to get to the actual deal breakdown.

Dorothy Franklin, MSN, RN, CCM says:

I believe the DG has a digital coupon for Dawn; so that could have been coupled with the paper correct?

Cristal Boyd says:

I cant find lysol no where

Momma Bear says:

I need the dentalife 🤣🤣 see I always rescue animals I have so many 😳 and now I have to baby racoons I'm nursing the mommy got ran over. And so many others but I definitely done this deal today got Huggies and my kids 8 he don't even need them 🤣🤣

Shelbi says:

Tink I’m not sure if your going to get this but can you get the regular Aleve for $4.25 and not the back and muscle and use the $4 coupon

Juan Olivarez says:

Isn’t that coupon fraud?????

George Maher Jr says:

I subscribed 😀👊

Tara Wilson-Morris says:

I'm looking for a fairy asap!! I need gain coupons….

rejenn randoloph says:

I love your videos

Diana Gonzalez says:

I did the pampers coupon and oh boy was i happy but the overage i used it to treat myself to something nice that cost 6.00 which ended up paying jfor it 1.25. Thank you for your videos!! It helps so much!

louann wright says:

Hey girl, beginner here, I love your videos, you are amazing, thank you so much, ….

Brittany says:

This was a great video I'm going 2 try these deals

Pick Up Chick says:

Oh yes!! I'm going after the dawn and secret for sure. I was wondering if those coupons would attach to those cans. Yes yes yes😘😘😘

Beverley Wilson says:

Girl you make me laugh so much. I love your enthusiasm! TY for bringing all these deals to us. 💗

Lisa Echols says:

Oooo tink HELP lol I can find what insert the dang dog food came in the Rachel ray or if anyone can help cuz I know tink is a very busy lady helping us

michael mcgee says:

Was there a real why your hands were shaking? Lol

Zan’s Place says:

But whyyyyyy you wanna make me cryyy toooooo 😩😭

Jerry Elizondo says:

Where can I get the paper coupons that you keep mentioning?

Brenda Haywood says:

Tink I just love you so much! I can feel your heartfelt love for us like friends!!! You are a mess of messes and that is the best person to be in these crazy times. You seem like you never meet a stranger and being yourself is never strange!!! sending you internet love from New Orleans from a country girl (Vidalia, LA grown)!

southerncounselor48 says:

I finally got P&G on the phone today, and I was told some states will only be able to get Tide, Downy, and Gain coupons digitally instead of obtaining from there local paper, Also, we will not be able to print until the end of this week or next due to there system issues. If you need to coupons you will have to use a Coupon Fairy. I hope this helps. Sincerely Regina

Rosemary Perez says:

I tried deals at my store and the Aleve coupon, dawn coupon, Racheal Ray coupons we not accepted… he read details and did not allow it😢

Valerie Searcy says:

I be hollering when you say ya'll!! Lol

Sarah leech says:

That’s Awesome deal.

Beverley Lawrence says:

Tink you are a blessing to us so you are so deserving of every blessing you receive 🤗🤗🤗

Michelle Fauber says:

Aw man, wish I knew the $4 Aleve coupon would attach to that size! I used it on the 50ct tabs. 🙁

Nicole Ondieki says:

My tide coupon also didn’t attach but at CVS

Debbie Lindsay says:

Happy Sunday to you too!

Kristina says:

Could you please do a full breakdown in the beginning of your videos?

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