🚨BEST TRIP EVER August 2020! 🌈 FULL STOCK – NO Limits!!! 🚧 Costco Shopping Shop with Me 2020🔥

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COSTCO SHOP with ME August 2020! 🍭Lots of items IN STOCK with no limits like meat, flour , rice, toilet paper and paper towels! Lots of great new finds and keto options too! Costco shopping in the store is part of our once a month grocery haul and shop.

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Teresa Peacock says:

Put the pepperoni in the air fryer. Eat them like chips. Celicious!

Cathy White says:

People are wearing them for mask I wish had use paper plates
I can't stand wash dishes like I used to do are a haul like last I enjoy the groceries the hauls

Minh Hang Vu says:

I cringe a little when you say Pho :))

sonia Santiago says:

Slow down please

Ana94 says:

Dentastix are great, but I don't think they are for puppies.

Denise Hewer says:

I love Zipfizz. My favorite is the Limon. And I like the Peach, Latte, Cookies and Cream, and Banana Premier Protein.

Linda San Giovanni says:

I use the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides as well and that price $29.99 for the large one at Costco that you showed is a very good deal. It normally is $44.00 on Amazon and everywhere else for that size. 😊

Raean Olson says:

Is the Bitchin Sauce SPICY Anyone????

Brenda Cowell says:

Hi, We love the half and half better for keto as well. The full whipping cream was also getting wasted. Great haul!

momof2 says:

We went today and things seemed very normal. I like that there aren't a zillion people in there at one time like usual on a Friday 🙂 I heard you can microwave pepperoni slices to make low carb crispy chips tfs 💗💗💗💗

Snowflake says:

I went to Costco, in northern Illinois last Thursday and they had no toilet paper or paper towels. Here we go again,

Foxie Fit says:

Yes I use the Kirkland salmon and sweet potatoes. My dogs love it

vindab06 says:

The hubby and I drink a ZipFizz every morning and we love them. We've pretty much tried all the flavors too and they are great!

Darlene Solomon says:

My granddaughter loves mocchi

Joana P says:

I live in Cenntennial colorado and I have those lights they have lasted two years and still going strong, even with wind and hail. I give those lights as housewarming gifts or when any of my friends renovate their homes. They love them and they light up so well.

NatWaddyDoDaDay says:

If your kids like Tapatio, or other hot sauce, tell them to put it on the plain Lays or Fritos for some flavor!

Luvenia Herrington says:

I see the broccoli isn't Organic and yes we stay stocked on paper plates! They are a must in our home.

Nicole W. says:

we use Kirkland Adult dog food and it is good stuff. We have a large dog and have a large container to keep it fresh, I can imagine that the large bag would last you a very long time with your little one. Your Costco is better stocked than mine they are still trying to recover from the panic buying I believe.

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