100% Working Pokemon Go Promo Codes NOV 2017

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XxDeanGamezxX lll says:

idk why anyone would leave a like on this video

Unseed Gamer TR says:

Its nit really

GamingBeluga says:

I subscribe and like! Nice vid. Dont care about these mentally retarded kids in the comments. Im not a GO nerd.

TheNerd MugMan says:

It glitched so bad

littletemmie 45 says:

Those are codes for the O.T.C.R

Tigermink says:

Thx for giving us real-time fake news.

BenT T says:

Ohh.. The dislike button is really 100% works!

Cait Shinkle says:

Not a single code is valid. Don't waste your time.


Lol didn't work

Lewis Memeking says:

You realize codes are single use u numbskull

Naeem Dover says:


Grace Romano says:

Booooooo does not work dont beilieve 1000000000000% fake

Shado Chi says:


Frank Daniels says:

Lies all just lies

nightowl x23 says:

What you expected the YouTuber of this channel is Indian they do like 90% of the scamming around the world

Alyxander Kurschner says:

tried all of these codes and none of them worked what a FAKE!

Riddi Hazard says:

you are a composive liar

Endermations Nerf says:

These sound like roblox codes

Zombiekiller pro says:


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