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Check out a full preview of all the coupons here: http://savvycouponshopper.com/101517-coupon-insert-preview-1-insert-but-some-great-coupons/

Be sure to check out the CVS Ad Preview for 10/15 – 10/21 so that you can grab some moneymaker Physicians Formula: https://youtu.be/Co9Dy0NQ-wU

Simply Earth Unboxing | October Box πŸŽƒ: https://youtu.be/IMfSxAWt4ew

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Vanessa Hernandez says:

Sure checking to see to find that physicians formula. I don't see any good deals next week for cvs or Walgreens. πŸ€”

Mombyx3 Momma Coupons says:

I hope I get the physicians formula coupon!

Mixed Media says:

Yay! Physicians Formula coupon in 10/15/2017 SmartSource here in Long Island, NY! Going to be a good time to stock up and put away for Xmas gifts. 😊

Lynnita Cooper says:

A good idea is to check to see if your newspaper has a couponer's special. I have a subscription where I only pay $20 per month to get 5 Sunday papers per week delivered to my home. Which beats $20 per week that I would have to pay out of pocket.

alice hibsher says:

Rite Aid has some great deals on physicians formula often. so if you have one near you use the physicians formula coupon. between cvs and rite aid I plan on ocking up on physicians formula

Imelda Maalihan says:

Awesome, tyfs😊

Just Call Me Ms says:

Thanks for sharing! πŸ’•
I'm not holding my breath on the physicians formula coupon…πŸ˜…

Tip: Check that inserts are in all papers & complete/intact before you buy. I've been burned before….

A couple of times when there was a hot coupon, someone went thru papers & took inside pages of the inserts-leaving outer making it seem it was there…😑

Stacy Rowback says:

Physicians formula for sure

Robin Summers says:

Physicians Formula πŸ‘πŸ»

Mia Lauren says:

I'm looking forward to the speed stick deal!

Theresa Clement says:

praying physicians formula will be in my region since the ss insert is one of the only two inserts we get here. β€πŸ™

Shirley Richardson says:

Thanks, I will not be purchasing newspapers Sunday.

jupiter brees says:

Yes, I'm excited for the splenda coupon. Love me some artificial sugar.

icy blu 88 says:

Yay for new coupons ! Good ones coming for sure!
Physicians Formula is nice indeed, but what I’m looking forward to the most is the Irish Springs, Speed, BIC razor & Colgate coupons 😊 ❀️

Sheila Daves says:

Great video and thank you and I did get a colgate one and love them all

April Hernandez says:

Looking for the Physicians Formula, but I know my region won't get it

Carmen Reyes says:

Thanks for the preview video. Love all the vids you share. How can I find out what region I belong to and if we are getting certain coupons?

Cheryl Hock says:

Really hoping I get the PF coupon in my region. As far as the Sunday paper goes I get 2 papers delivered to my home for $1 each. Well worth it! Thanks for the preview:))

Ashleii Jal says:

I get inserts at Menards on Saturdays for $1.50

Tricia Cucchiaro says:

What do you mean by "Early Activation?". I never heard of this before.

elizabeth aguilar says:

The only good coupon would have to be physicians formula… Thank you

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