15 Target Couponing Tips & Shopping Secrets Revealed!

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Krazy Coupon Ladies Joanie Demer & Heather Wheeler show how to save money at Target with coupons, apps and markdown secrets, clearance tips, Target coupons, manufacturer coupons, Target mobile coupons, Cartwheel app, rebate apps, gift card promos, price-matching, rainchecks, clearance stickers . . . there are A LOT of ways to save!
Whether you’re a beginner or a vet, Target is our favorite store for couponing! And TheKrazyCouponLady.com is the top destination in the world for Target deals, with new coupons updated daily. Come check us out at KCL. We’d love to have you join us!


Hannah Berndt says:

Loooove the video!

HighOnAmmo says:

Shop at target, scam the system, be a loser. This video teaches you it all except that it's two years old and nothing is relevant besides maybe the apps and the silly gift card sales. Y'all spend more than you would normally to save and end up not really saving in the long run. Trust me, I know. I am sadly part of the target team.

Magg Pi says:

All I have to say is f you…… This is why coupon fraud exists.

Jessica Zarate says:

Does Target still price match ??

Rezena Enendu says:

where and how do i got target coupons?

Lorette D'souza says:

Looks like shopping at Target can save a lot of money but it all seems very complicating and hard to remember 😁

Shundra Thornton says:

This is my 1st time watching this video, and I don't understand when you said text coupons to 827438 and they will send coupons every Saturday.  When I did, the reply was we don't understand "COUPONS".  Any suggestions as to how I can have coupons sent every week.  Thank you

oh2cute4words says:

Do you have too print the coupons from Krazy coupon or can you use it on your phone??

The Hornback's says:

My wife and I were told by the target manager that target doesn't allow cartwheel and paper coupon at the same time for an item. Is that right?

Crazy Couponing with Eric says:

Too bad they dont do rainchecks anymore

Winnie The Pooh says:

Cartwheel is an amazing app download it and you will not regret it

aomg smdc says:

People in the comments section talking abouy rainchecks. We dont accept rainchecks.

Kj K says:

No need to text COUPONS anymore, you'll get a reply that all coupons can be found on the Cartwheel app.

Christmas Morgan says:

I love target thats why I even work there for an extra income an a extra discount

Dani Marie says:

I noticed this video has been up since 2014 has the schedule changed or is it still the same?

jana humblesinger says:

where can we get manufacturers coupon?and rebates?

Cynthia Garay says:

Lots to learn

oscar c. says:

que alguien me diga como ago para tener esa targeta y como se usa es como una targeta de banco o no se alguie. me explique

Rachel alvarez says:

You cant put all gift card in only one when u couponing

gace and lucy wershershr says:

This is so helpful! I'm a sophomore and had heard about extreme couponing before but never really looked into it until the other day! I really want to start learning it now because well collage, it can help me be not quite as broke!

Mina Cannibal says:

Is this still applicable to 2017? lol

Crystal Harper says:

Checkout 51 has become an awful app. I only us them when i dont have a coupon or cartwheel offer and actually need the product. Their offers, most say can not be combined

GetBentGrocery says:

You forgot to mention the Red Card saves 5% 😀

Stayathome Momofdos says:

I normally do couponing videos on cvs pharmacy but I'm thinking about starting at Target… thanks for the video 🙂

Rachelle Letaw says:

This is a great video. By following it you will save between 20%-30% each trip. That's usually the average of what I save. Once in a while you'll get lucky and save 50%.

MissAllaCinderella says:

Target clearance is my favorite for grocery shopping! Ohmygosh the discounts are INCREDIBLE!

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