5 FOODS I FREEZE TO SAVE MONEY || How to Save Money on Groceries || The Family Fudge

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5 Foods to Freeze to SAVE MONEY || How to Save Money on Groceries

BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS || 2 Breakfast Sandwiches || Tutorial

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Jeannette Rodriguez says:

I have a question.
If i frezze the milk for a month , and the expiration date is up. Does it affect the milk or i need to buy a pasturized one that last more?

This Box Rox says:

Can you make a video showing how you make your own baby food?

Manal Abdelkareem says:

Your tips are great.I love freezing but I can't find enough time.I've 4 kids like you .I hope that you can make a video about SAHM time management.thank you.

Everyday Food Storage, presented by Store This Not That! says:

I totally freeze cream cheese and use it in cream cheese frostings and fillings, it's awesome! But also you can store cream cheese in the fridge unopened for a LONG time! Check out the sell by date the next time you're at the store, you'll be amazed! ps…super love your channel!

Iris Garcia says:

Hi Jennifer! Wow you have great ideas! Wonderful channel 😄!


To be honest I have Cereal 6 days a week for breakfast, (I rotate 3 different ones) On Sunday I have Eggs on Toast so no help from the Freezer there, Once a month I cook a bigger breakfast and have it as Brunch so it is 2 meals for me. This is where the Portions of Bacon, Black Pudding, Hog's Pudding and Sausages from the Freezer come in useful. I take them out the evening before to Defrost. I like Live and that freezes very well, That I always get them to packet in portions, Things like Pork Haslett and Pork Luncheon Meat I use for sandwiches and they freeze well.


I am single and live in a one Bedroom Flat. I have a Larder under counter type Fridge and a similar sized Freezer. The bottom tray holds either 2 800 Gm loves of bread or 3 400 Gm with room for a Pack of Large Pitta Bread, So I definitely freeze Bread all the time. I freeze Semi Skimmed Milk all the time. My local Supermarket has a Normal Basics range. One of which is Cheese. I normally buy Mature or Extra Mature Cheddar, But there basics one just said Full Flavour, It is cheap @ £4.50 a Kilo. I bought one about 3 weeks ago and it is definitely strong enough. I have a small wire Cheese cutter so cut the block into 4 pieces then slice those smaller blocks. They go into Zip Lock bags stacked together then into the freezer. When I want some I insert a knife to split off how much I want so I do not have to defrost it first. I normally go meat shopping on a Sunday. They reduce the price of things with that date sell by, They close at 4 pm so further reduce about 2 pm and remove from the shelf after 3 pm. I cook mostly in a Small Slow Cooker so often buy Shin of Beef, A cheap cut of Beef. I get them to pack it in portion size bags, That way it is labelled and I can just take out what I need. If I am at the Supermarket I also pick up packets of Bacon Off cuts, Family Packs of Chicken, Whole Black Pudding and Hog's (White) Pudding and Sausages then when I get home  cut them down to portions, Cling Film the Portions then each goes into it's own large Zip Lock Bag, That way as I take one out I can see how many I have left.

Ann Azzarello says:

I I've been freezing cookie dough for many years but instead of putting it balls I roll it out on cookie sheets and use my meat cleaver to cut it into small 2-inch squares and makes it easier to put into Ziploc containers otherwise the back might get a hole and get freezer burn

Tammy Fellers says:

I freeze cream cheese that I will use for recipes because the texture does change but for a crockpot recipe for example, where it will melt down anyway, the flavor is the same. Would not be good for a dip or spread after being frozen. Hope that helps.

The Buchanan Family says:

some great ideas, love the breakfast sandwiches and i will often freeze cheddar cheese when i find a really great deal on it 🙂 i just need another freezer now lol

Becca M says:

Cottage cheese and sour cream come out a little weird from the freezer. I have frozen ricotta cheese with success, it might be slightly soupier than before. I always freeze the logs of goat's cheese that I get at BJ's, which is like Costco. They come out of the freezer perfectly normal and delicious!

Lourdes G says:

thank you. what great ideas. I love the idea about waffles and pancakes (we need to use that waffle maker more often). i want to try freezing homemade english muffin breakfast sandwich (i.e – egg mcmuffin). just love that sausage and maple syrup, my kids love that.

Kendra Giles says:

I freeze cream cheese and sour cream, and the texture is different but is great for cream sauces etc

Valerie Ostopoff says:

Oops! I was typing and missed what you said, sorry. I found out that when you take meats out of its containers, wrap them in wax paper, foil, and then freezer bags; this will protect them even longer. I'm in a household of 1. I will need to find a way to have products last longer. I don't have a printer and this iPad is 5.1 first generation, so I'm limited. Do you have any suggestions to work around this? Thank you for your time!

Valerie Ostopoff says:

Hello and thank you for taking out the time for people like me. Statement: milk! Did you know that when shake it everyday, it last longer after expiration date. My mom is 70 and shes on a very budget. Someone told her that if you shake even when you don't drink it, it last longer. So I tried it. I'm not a milk drinker because I'm lactose intolerant. Lady Fudge, it lasted 1month after the expiration date. Way cool! Cream cheese; don't freeze it. I shop at dollar general, cuz I have to, the cream cheese I bought, didn't have a creamy texture. I found out that it was frozen before I got it. Thanks again for sharing. P.s. 2 stores I can shop from: dollar general and martins. I usually don't shop at Martins because I have to walk, and it's hard on my legs. How do I start saving and freezing? I'm not that smart in this area so I need help. HELP!!

Dani C says:

I have tried freezing before but didnt turn out right. What are the best freezer bags you recommend to use?

Jessy says:

We freeze pancakes and french toast and reheat them in just a regular toaster.

Rachael McGilvray says:

great tips! I love your videos!

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