5 GROCERY STORE HACKS || How to Spend LESS Money || NO coupons & NO Aldi

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Try these tips next time you are in the grocery store! How to save money without clipping coupons or shopping at aldi’s.

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Kylie beckwith says:

Yes yes yes! Please come g from a cashier it's actually very helpful if the customer knows the price! Then if you don't notice and they do you can fix it up right away and get it fixed on the computer too!

misaki covington says:

so awesome tips

Stella Laffin says:

I use an app called Out Of Milk. I can input the price of any product and tell it if the item has sales tax.The app adds up purchasing balance. I will know my balance before I get to the register. If I'm a few cents off, I don't really complain. But if it's a big difference, then I look to see what went wrong.
Secondly, I take pictures of tags that I think could be questionable.
It takes work to save money, lol.

Lim Kim says:

try the ibotta app is good app. save you money too.

Erlyne Osburn says:

I do the same thing that you do by keeping a tally in my head of how much I'm spending. It helps when I get to the register to not go into sticker shock. Lol!

Sophie's Mom says:

I only buy what is on sale at a great price. I keep a full panty and freezer using these sale items and then shop my panty for meals

To Do Today says:

Price book. I am in the process of redoing it, but it saves so much money!

Tammie Gainey says:

Great tips! Your so right! Paying attention when they are scanning plus sometimes they have accidentally charged me twice for something. Tfs💖

Freedom In A Budget says:

I've found that a good day to go to the store is the LAST day of the sale week because they put items on Manager Special!

brielynn says:

I used to watch Extreme Couponing as well. And like you, we don't have any markets that don't have regulations on coupons. There is no way we could get that great a deal. Plus I would get super annoyed when they would buy more then they could possibly use, and then not donate the free excess to a charity. Who needs 100 bottles of soda because it's free?

Dawn Brook says:

Thank god no aldi !

Keith Roeser says:

In MI their use to be a scanner law. If the price rings up for higher and it is marked less then you get the difference back and $5. You had to check out first and then go to customer service. Not sure if that is still a law because we do live their anymore, but other states might have a law,like that.

danielle r says:

Great video ! For years now I use the calculator on my phone the store, so by the time I get up there I know total – good way to budget as you go because then you know , I can add more items if needed , if you know exactly what you are spending each isle

Gabi Cseke says:

loved these tips!

Noreen's Kitchen says:

Great advice! I am a huge advocate of the "Unit Price" Walmart used to post that on the shelf label. No more, Buying the larger item is not always the best. In many cases I have found getting two of the medium size of something will be cheaper than getting the giant one.

Cindy Baker says:

Great tips, thank you!

Donna Dorrell says:

Learning how to make foods from scratch will save you tons of money. Learning to home can and dehydrating save you from wasting food.

Officer Meyer says:

I have the ap flipp which makes knowing the sales at all stores much easier and with Wal-Mart add matching cheaper too. I take pics of items on sale to help ensure I'm not overcharged 🙂

Momma From Scratch says:

Less trips save me lots! I know the price of items and watch when I check out! It helps to remember the prices when your at other stores to compare! Great tips. I use this on diapers to I try to wait till target gets the $10-15 back when you buy two boxes. Tfs

Ayla MK says:

I love your videos 👌🏻👌🏻

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