$50 Lyft Promo Code 2017 – Watch For FREE Lyft Credit Code

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Get Free Lyft Promo Code – Enter “HOLIDAYRIDER” to get up to $50 off of your lyft rides. You can also click on the link below to get your free ride.

Click here to read a more in depth guide how to use a lyft promo code.

Get a Free Uber Promo Code- Enter “t8et6” to get up to $30 off of your first uber ride. You can also click on the link below to get your free ride.
First step in getting your lyft promo code credit is downloading the app or you can click on the link http://www.lyft.com/invited/cantdrive
to get the free code. Next create an account with Lyft app. You can either sign up with your Email address or Facebook account. Once you are done creating your account, simply click on Lyft log on the top left corner of your app. Push on the payments button to enter your free lyft promo code. Enter “CANTDRIVE” then push apply, which will give you a $50 lyft credit towards your first ride. Make sure you enter the code before you request a ride for the code to work.

Now you can access your first free ride with lyft. This code only works for first time users. Make sure to shares this Lyft Promo Code with your friends so they can also get a free ride with Lyft.


If you want to learn more about lyft you can visit their website at

If you want to become a lyft driver you can apply through this link and if you complete 20 rides within your first 30 days you will receive $50-$500 extra depending what city you are driving in.



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how do I delete my credit card information?

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