7/30/23 Coupon Insert Preview 🤩 | *Tide/Axe/Dove & More!*

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In this Week’s newspaper we are expected to 2 Inserts: 1-SmartSource & 1-Save Insert! There are some great coupons this week! Check your coupon inserts before you buy them because some coupons may be regional! ❤️

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Melissa Fedele says:

Awesome preview!! Thank you😊

Tiffany Cotton says:

Thank you 😊

Sonia Tafoya says:

Love 2:283:07! I love sharing my deals with family and friends to encourage them to save. I coupon for my family. My boyfriend's Mom and my ex Mother in Law live on tight budgets so they appreciate so much when I can bless them with monthly laundry, paper products and personal care packages. It saves them so much money. I have tried to teach them to coupon but they get confused. I appreciate all your videos. They have helped me so much. In one of your videos some weeks back you had mentioned that you/your family uses Ensure or Boost? My Boost & Ensure coupons from my subscription never get used. I'd love to pass these on to you. A thank you for sharing your coupon wisdom and how it has helped me & my family. I see other couponers post links for subscribers to buy them coffee. I think it's a great way for us to show you our appreciation for all the work you put in making these videos. (Just an idea). 😊 I can get these coupons out in today's mail. Should i private message you on FB?

Tiffany Cotton says:

I leave coupons in the break room all the time especially for fast food restaurants

Nora's Haven says:

Thank you. It's crazy in my area, the Save and Smart source inserts give us very minimal coupons. 😢

Precious Owusu says:

I'm so happy for the Dove hand soap coupons.

Karen Parsons says:

Vaseline is 4 off 2

Rosanna Pete Rodrigues says:

Thanks for sharing the coupon preview!

A G says:

Wish there had been loreal ever pure coupons! Thanks for the preview!

keepinghope says:

I'm just scrolling through the Tube on my brand new phone that has amazing sound but I can't see anything on and I haven't even listened to this (cause I can't see it cause I'm old) and it's just bringing back alot of fond memories. I've really missed these previews. ❤

Lissette Muñiz says:

I finally got tide coupons in NY!! I’m so excited, never thought I would see that.

Fire and Ice says:

Just wanted to let you know our dollar tree has started carrying the Sunday paoer. Not sure if they do in every state.

Debbie Keller says:

My area no longer gets the SAVE inserts.

Dora Chavez says:

Great coupons 🎉

Tammy Martin says:

Thanks, Luellen!! This always helps me!

mechelle boyd says:

I cant wait for the dove coupons🎉

Marlene Sonera says:

Great coupons this week!!

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