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yellow duck says:

Why there are no gym in your area with that much pokestop nearly placed?

Nicholas Fury says:

Or you could be little more focused in battle against nidoqueen and switch out to get rid of defence debuff first instead of getting shadow claw down.

Jackson Stubbs says:

Enjoy the battles but jeez he is a total mouth breather

Poke King 572 says:

I got my wining streak to eleven because of them

Poke King 572 says:

I used them they are pretty good

Poke King 572 says:

Pls can you try nidoqueen politoad and skarmory team

Shuston240 says:

23:07. Awesome battle! Very good game, was a lot of fun 🙂

Jikle says:

Never knew I needed to see a debuffed chansey.

Matt Clayton says:

Let's Gooooo! These are my favorite videos. Just sitting back watching a Pokemon Master and all his knowledge of PVP.

Also Joe Biden is the worst president in US history 🙏🇺🇲

battery says:

Weird. Wacky Pokémon I haven’t seen very often. But very interesting. I loved it. Good idea for Pokémon. I’m mad rn tho cuz my shadow nidoqueen that I powered up and gave a 2nd charged attack which is earth power doesnt work properly and it has frustration and the only person with frustration is me Lol

Dylan&Dexter says:

I just battled you you were running Poliwrath articuno and Drapion I was lucky to survive on 1 hp gg

Wheeler says:

Only Kieng will not count a win because he went into the wrong league

Thicc Boi says:

How good is a 0/15/15 Greedent?

Thicc Boi says:

Quality is good 👍

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