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Grab these great saving on Bic stationary, Bic Razors & Enfragrow!

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Deborah Torain-Williams says:

Thanks for sharing
New to your channel

Heidi LeWren says:

Thanks so much! A friend of mine has an almost 1 year old and she wants to try out the toddler formula, as she (the mom) is a little lactose intolerant. She's concerned her daughter might be too and wants to start off slow. That coupon will definitely make a difference! Have a great weekend!

Zulma Guinto says:


Red says:

Thank you 😊🙏🏽

Connie Crittendon says:

You are amazing! I feel like I need to be linked 24/7 to you! Always such great information and savings.

Lexi T. says:

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DaRealistQueenJ Hernandez says:

The early bird🐦 gets the worm!

Sandy Tarnowski says:

Thank you! You certainly are up early!!!

DaRealistQueenJ Hernandez says:

All this week I've been getting great deals at Walgreens. I ❤ it. 🗞📰🗞📰🗞📰💰💰💰

Heidi Talley says:

Great video/coupons 😊

C Nutter says:

Thanks for sharing ❤

Jennifer Effinger says:

Thanks ♡♡♡♡

Myshann48 says:

Thank you 😊

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