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This video is about buy one get one free coupons and buy one get one free sales. Buy one get one free coupons can save you so much money. You buy one item and then you are getting another item free according to the value listed on the coupon. So look at the value price before going to check out to make sure the coupon will work with with the items. You can also use a a buy one get one free coupon to get to items for free as well. There are two types of BOGO coupons: those that are attached to just the FREE item, and those that attach to BOTH items. Always go by the wording on the coupon and do what you feel is right.


Cynthia says:

If you feel a cold sore coming, take L – lysine. It works wonders. I get them too.

Angela Marsala says:

i could not even see itΒ 
. lemon

Kethy Chaves says:

Hi, I have one question I have from the store a coupon I got from mail, buy one and get one free. and the store now has the promo, buy one and get one free. so can I use my store coupon with the store promo to get the product free? or has to be a manufacture coupon? thank you.

Angel Noneya says:

U can go see the doc and go on herpes suppression ( I know that sounds bad but I am a nurse and it's a herpes virus causing the cold sores )

Emily BH says:

As soon as you feel tingling, TAKE LYSIENE. It will go away before it even starts forming. Take double or triple the amount recommended on the label and get a good brand at a good health food store. Don't get it at Walmart or the drug store. Take it for three or 4 days after you think it is gone. This is ONE time you don't want to try to get it on the cheap.

Love what I DO. says:

Where do you get all your coupons ???

Visewesi says:

I was confused about BOGO sale & having a coupon and this is just the example that I needed!

Camelia Franceschini says:

Very helpful video, by the way, You can get your 100 dollars Walmart gift card in this site No personal info needed.

Diane Schafer says:

I am brand new to couponing and cannot get enough of your vlogs. Thank you for everything you do for us.

carda5967 says:

i also agree with the colloidal silver. its great!
great video too!

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