Adventures in Retail – Adventures in Retail! Coupons! Episode 4

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This is a mini series about the awful things that happen to workers in the retail industry. Did something awful happen to you at work, did a customer belittle you in front of a line, or did your boss under mind you in front of a customer?!? WELL I WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT! Send me a message with YOUR story (and SUBSCRIBE!) and you could be in my next cartoon :)!
Animation –
Suzy Berhow (Meeperfish)
Voice Actors-
Danny Sex Bang (Ninja Sex Party)
Arin Hanson (Egoraptor)
Special thanks to –
Arin Hanson (Egoraptor)

This story was submitted by Mcbadas right here on youtube! Here is his original email!-
Idk if this is exactly what you wanted out of the way of situations in retail but here ya go. I work in lawn and garden as a sale associate, so anything else I do is just because I’m trained to be versatile. Anyway, one day I got called to the front to check, no big deal, however, I absolutely hate people that use coupons. Well this guy, big guy with glasses comes through, I ring all his stuff up and he puts down two coupons. The first one I had no problem scanning, but the second one he managed to tear the upc label right in two. So to humor the guy I start trying to scan this thing in every way possible and I make sure he can see what I’m doing. Finally, after about a minute of this and even entering the long ass code on it to see if that would work I say “Im sorry sir but I can’t get this to scan” he says “Bullshit you just aren’t trained right, just scan it on the top part.” So i try again and who wouldve guessed it, it didnt work. So i hand the thing back to him and say “im truly sorry sir, i cant get it to scan right.” So he the audacity to say “you are worthless, if they just trained you people the right way, you wouldnt be fucking idiots on these damn registers” so i say “again, im sorry but if you dont keep the upc in tact i cant do anything about it” so he throws the the thing in my face (oooo im so scared now) calls me a ‘fucking idiot’ and storms off like a crybaby. BTW the coupon was only good for 50 cents in the first place, unbelievable. Well sorry i got kinda lengthy with that and i hope this inspires you.


nina powlette says:

DANNY!?!?!?!?!? ARIN!?!?!??!?!?

kayla says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Danny boy!

Christian Bargeon says:

that was arin and danny

Jarjarvideos says:

… It was clearly three dollars off XD

Spiritcloud Is Kewl says:

its all TV Y, and dan is cursing. Someone give this an Oscar

noémie says:

I love Dan's voice tbh

Kebdoesstuff says:

Why are 9/10 of the comments about dan being in the video YEA WE GET IT HE VOICED THIS SHIT WE KNOW

Rishi Is Here says:

Dan's shirt is amazing.

boulderstar2000 says:

The rating on this is "TV-Y" and the very first line of the video has "Fuck" in it XD

Denzel Nanor says:

"TV-Y", first line; "Youre just in time; to shut the fuck up."

popcorngoddess89 says:

I call them coupon madames, because they are almost exclusively women and they think that they are better than you and know everything there is to know about about the sales and coupons even though they are clearly wrong. This happens all the time with them. They come in and sweep the self clean of one item, then stomp away mad when you tell them their coupon is for the wrong quantities. Then they come back the next time that one item is on sale again and try to pull the same tired shit. No I will not let you bully me into taking your coupons against the rules of our store and the rules clearly stated on the damn coupon. I'm not loosing my job and risking breaking the law (all coupons state that coupon fraud is a crime) just so you can save fifty cents each on twenty bottles of Tide.

Hina Langley says:


Rowan says:

Danny oh my god.

drzoidberg4evr says:

That moment when Dan

Elvis S says:

This isn't even the worst thing about coupons. The worst thing is when the customer has about a million of them AND is buying a bunch of stuff that is supposedly on sale. There are guaranteed to be all kinds of problems. They expect every single coupon to work and the reality is, usually some of them won't scan and some of them will be for products or quantities they didn't get. They will probably ask you to price check every single sale item to make sure it's on sale, even if you tell them it is. Then, some of the items won't be on sale but they'll swear that they are. All while this is happening, there will be an angry mob of a line forming behind them. Fun times.

Mayeur000Donz says:

It's tough to get mad at a character when it has Dan's voice. XD

lonkagaming says:

Apparently, f### is appropriate for all ages.
It's still a good short.

candyzombiee says:

Wow… Meeperfish is awesome!

Firemac Gameplay says:

Oh snap it's Danny! 

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