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If you like your smokes to be free of any additives, then you most likely already know that Natural American Spirits cigarettes and rolling tobacco is the brand for you. The real reason you’re here is to get coupons on them. Well, let’s get started.

Head over to the official website for American Spirits and get yourself signed up. Apologies to everyone 18-20, but you have to be at least 21 to complete this step. Once you’re registered with the site, you’ll be part of periodic mailings giving you deals like two $10 gift certificates.

You can try searching for printable coupons on coupon-compiling sites as well. Just be sure to check that they haven’t already expired.

American Spirit may occasionally distribute coupon inserts along with its advertisements in magazines like Wired. These can be redeemed for free packs of cigarettes.

Finally, be sure to check with your local tobacco retailer for any specials they may have. Cigarette companies often distribute their coupons through retailers, and you may find buy one get one free deals and discounted prices on packs and cartons.

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Ronald Husson says:

this is false advertising ! you can't get to the place or page to sign up for coupons !!!!!!!

Bonnie Collingham says:

i can't get in to get coupon

Jay Finke says:

there website sign up is a joke whats my last 4 SS numbers .. ya that's going to happen !

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