Another Perfect Walgreens Haul! 89% Savings! I love Coupons!

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Walgreens Haul – Sale Prices with Register Rewards!

Would have cost – $137.48
Paid – $15.94 (mostly Tax)
89% Savings!

Roll them Register Rewards for Ultimate Savings!

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Shout out to some Great Couponers, these guys have some Awesome Videos! Check em out and let them know that Mr Poor Boy sent you! lol

Another Great website worth checking out for Walgreens deals!

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TheSuperCee says:

You did such a great job! I love your videos. 🙂

MsRolley says:

great deals man!

Stacie Alison says:

Would love you to do a video on your stock up prices. Great videos by the way.

DealLovingDiva says:

@CrazyCouponGuy LOL Greg…

DealLovingDiva says:

A-MAZING!!!! I have not made it to Wags yet, but I am SO READY!! Gotta wait for the car though 🙁 You did an AWESOME JOB!!! Im jealous! Thank you for the shout out 🙂

beerzzz says:

well done (I think you are set for room freshner though)…:-)

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