Arrow 3×16 Extended Promo “The Offer” (HD)

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Arrow 3×16 “The Offer” – Still weighed down by his last meeting with Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable), Oliver (Stephen Amell) returns home to find a new villain and his crew have started terrorizing Starling City – Michael Amar AKA Murmur (guest star Adrian Glynn McMorran), a man whose mouth has been sewn shut. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) bond over their issues with their fathers and Nyssa make Laurel an offer. Thea (Willa Holland) is forced to come to terms with her father after Oliver brings Malcom (John Barrowman) to the loft to recover, and Lance (Paul Blackthorne) shuts out both Laurel and the Arrow. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Brian Ford Sullivan (#316). Original airdate 3/18/2015. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube for more Arrow season 3 promos in HD!

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d _alt says:

Finally someone calls R'as by his real name not Raysh or whatever they say his name is!

sizlax says:

Disappointing! The main thing that I was waiting the entire show to see(the Atom in action) and there was barely a little talk about suit upgrade. I kinda wonder if it will be like the Flash where little is heard about him then he just gets his own show, lol. It would be funny because obviously the real super heroes can't remain in Arrow too long or they make the main hero in the show look weak. It'd be like having a batman show in which superman busts all the criminals in Gotham. Seriously though give us something..

Flavio Candido says:

I am enjoying this season
Arrow is the best.

jon gorskikih says:

I think oliver shode stay together with felocity thay are good together

jon gorskikih says:

its alredy the 18th its not out

Chris Renshaw says:

Wow that's crazy Oliver will join the league and work with ras I didn't see that comeing

Karen Oxendine says:

I'm really hoping Oliver doesn't take the offer! it's really stupid for people wanting him to take the offer! Because I thought he was suppose to be a hero, not a leader of a bunch of psychopaths??!! Why would Oliver have gone to great lengths of not being a murderer anymore, by honoring his best friend, Tommy? If Oliver becomes the next Ra's all Guhl, he would be throwing all the good things away that he has done for his city! He wouldn't be a hero no more, and what little bit light that Felicity has been able to harness out of him, would be completely gone! Oliver Queen will be gone, nothing but the darkness will take over him! If he accepts the offer, the writers of Arrow has wasted 2 almost 3 years on another stupid, hopeless, and non hero TV show again! I'll just say this, I won't be watching Arrow anymore if this does happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be just ridiculously stupid for Oliver to say, Yes!

Fernando Torres says:

Arrow is awesome and your point is invalid as fuck.

Rishabh Chadha says:

Man what happened to Arrow. Season 1 and 2 had that dark vigilante feel which made the show intense and good. This season is the opposite. Everyone is a superhero now. Everyone already knows Oliver's secret and it's barely the third season. Laurel being the canary I thought would be good, but the way it's been written out has been terrible. All she ended up becoming was a try hard. And she can take out guys with literally no experience? It frustrates me how much potential this storyline has and what they've done with it so far in terms of the feel of it. I really hope something changes in these last few episodes left. I'm not giving up on the show yet

Angels On Fire says:

Hee,am going to babble! Hay season 3 is about identity.Did you notice-everyone has had a fail,a test,being challenged in more ways than one.Pushed to the brink.
Personalities have been squashed,pressed out and dried.They are all being pinned to the wall as to speak. I love it.Situations have had people feelings sway in one direction to the next.What we see make us curse LOL. Yes series 3 is mad land Star City. Get ready to expect the unexpected.I think its getting more and more like the comics.

Kayla T says:

Kay my theory: I absolutely love Arrow I think its safe to say all of us do. But the reason were all kinda "ugh" at the mo is because were all seeing this season as the weakest one (and yeah it probably is). I think instead of a weak season we should try see it as a development season. A lot of characters have had to grow and change rapidly. And for Oliver's having to revaluate who he is which means tearing apart the character we knew and adapting him to a set of new badasses running around starling. Plus there was the whole killing Sara on the first bloody episode, which I am still pretty peeved about.    

Jonathan Johansen says:

i can give you a whole world to save, i smell the JLA remember in the comics green arrow and black canary joined the JLA after proving themselves against the league of assassins

Tico o says:

Hold on, can someone experienced in comics help a 'noob' out ?

Is arrow really supposed to be offered this, or was it only batman???

Kathleen McCarthy says:

The Malcolm subplot is intriguing. A good man bent on justice for his wife and protection for his son becomes a vigilante, an assassin for Ra's al Ghul and released for some reason. He continues down Ra's path on his own killing innocents (including his son) while targeting the guilty–then becomes hunted himself. This season he realizes how twisted he has become,has regrets,but is forced to face Ra's punishment, the man who made him. Oliver is faced with the same choices as Malcolm but is taking another path.  Can Malcolm change and be a force for good or is he lost?  I was expecting action in Arrow, but there is a level of psychological depth here that was unexpected. I can see the influence of Doctor Who in the writing. Barrowman has the acting chops, but can the writers step up to the challenge at this level?  

Anony Mous says:

I really hope Oliver accepts the offer because I think we need a break from the whole "team arrow" thing cuz everyone in the "team" really annoys me (except Dig). I think we need a change of scenery and it would be cool to see Oliver learn some new moves and get away from the drama in the Arrow cave. 

Caoimhe Nolan says:

ok. I personally dont really care about Ray or the ATOM suit thingy. I mean like the show is called Arrow, its about the Arrow. I get that maybe the ATOM could either team up with team arrow, or maybe felecity could try to get Ray to help team arrow in some way, and ollie wont like it. Thats what i think, and i also hate the way that the writers are dragging out olicity! I mean like come on, how long has it been? 3seasons!!! Either they get together or they dont!!!!! Also i dont know if i want oliver to take the offer from Ra's or not. If he said yes, would the Arrow and dig, felecity, thea, laurel and roy just be gone? but maybe if he said yes and then dropped the offer after a few episodes, that would make a fantastic twist 🙂 then when oliver returns from nanda parbat, felecity would be angry at him for leaving, or maybe she would miss him and realise that they are made for each other!!!! anywayz i think this is a great season, and i dont really mind that there is no main villan. its a change. Its unexpected! i mean if they did the same "main villan" thing every season, the show would get boring. Or maybe oliver himself is his own villan this season! I dont know. But im excited to see what happens. sorry thats a long comment :/ oops 😛

Diana Amber says:

I really want Oliver to accept Ra's al ghul's offer.

34Sam22 says:

I like this show but I feel like convoluted plots and miscommunication are being use too often to advance the story. This has always been true in the show in season 2 Ollie really wasn't responsible for Shados death but I still enjoyed the storyline. The show is good but is could be great if it moved and developed characters differently. Protecting merlyn really makes no scene to me and it never did every time Ollie has protected him. The constant lying about stupid things really annoys because the plot could easily be resolved by communication and when characters do so it mostly goes well and everyone understands(except quentin but that was the such a stupid lie and is part of the reason the laurel hate train is still going). I want more stories about conflicting ideologies, world views or good vs evil. I would expect more of that in a comic show.

Deinedra Mensah-bonsu says:

Being Ra's al Gul might require him to do many things he's not comfortable with. But with the training he could be un stoppable all by himself. He probably wouldn't need Diggle, Felicity, or Roy anymore. Felicity has been annoying lately. I ship Oliver and Felicity but I don't like how she expects so much from him when he's trying his hardest to save the only family he has. I really don't like how she keeps on going back in forth with Oliver and Palmer. It gets kinda annoying. I think the team might persuade him not to be Ra's al Ghul. But it would be cool.

salal ali says:

Awesome episode but i don't know if felicity loves oliver or ray she needs to chose im glad olicty romance is over and done with oliver needs someone who understands him

Brandon Michael says:

Majorly Disappointed with this season ray palmers character has been beyond cheesy and characters I used to like have gotten really retarded like laurel and felicity, need to bring back sara and have oliver start killing again

Rishabh Chadha says:

Season 1 episode 1-Season 3 episode 9, were awesome episodes. But the Laurel came and this show has been going downhill since. Hopefully they can bounce back soon.

N Lalain says:

he needs to accept the offer!!

Shannon Mcerlane says:

Thing is .. in altof episodes.. Oliver does kill .. Example- The army guys using a gun at the start of season 3 .. The League guys when going to save Merlin
Noticing he has killed quite a bit

Romeo Calmo says:

I really like how Ras al gul is not really a villain, more like an antagonist, and that he and Oliver are more like having conflicting interests

Romeo Calmo says:

I don't give a fuck how similar Arrow is to batman, all I am certain about is that I am enjoying the hell out of this show.

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