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Asics Gel Lyte III Bandana Pack Black Unboxing. Jounreys is sold out in most sizes but are on backorder untill 8-30-14 so most likely next week they will be avaliable again. has them in most sizes and same goes for their amazon marketplace, but as you can see they got the shoe straight from Asics. They ordered it from asics then slapped a whole new shipping label and sent em to me. The main reason I didn’t get a Tracking #.


Calvin Huynh says:

How come some others have a white part in the back right above the midsole, but some are black???

Daniel Terrazas says:

where's the on foot ??,

dsamoa says:

bruh it's 2014 you can't be saying swag anymore

Colin Chiarot says:

They fit true?

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