ASMR Clipping Fast Food Coupons, Soft Spoken Rambling, Eating Chips, Dip, Nice Eating Sounds

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Vlog 1048 (Best enjoyed when wearing headphones in calm, quiet surroundings). Sweet dreams to us all tonight💤💤😴😴😴
(Coupons from McDonalds, El Pollo Loco and Burger King!!)
Here’s a link to all my other Clipping Coupon Videos:


Jordan North says:

Your videos are amazing I'm so glad I found you! Xx

Lonnell Robinson says:

Her name the blonde hair girl is holly played by nicolecsulluvan

Sergio Gomez says:

you're the best Angela!!

Alexandra B says:

Angela, I've never commented on your videos before, but I watch them almost every night. You're so lovely, and your positivity shines through! Thank you so much for making videos, they really help me a lot 🙂

HappyMN says:

Bubble guuuuuum ;~; Nice video :p

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