ASMR Cutting and Organizing Coupons Together!

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In this little asmr video, I will be clipping with scissors and organizing coupons. This should be a very relaxing asmr video because I’ll be talking quietly and also whispering as I cut coupons and turn pages.

I love using coupons, they are a great free way to save money! 😉 What’s more relaxing than saving money 🙂



Kennedy Grey says:

You look so good in this! I honestly can't tell from one video to the next how old you are. In some, you look 14 years old in some, and here you look late 20's! Timeless, ageless, amazing. You're an alien, aren't you?

Sparkling Cyanide says:

I've looked for a really, REALLY good coupon cutting video for a very long time. I finally found it! This is perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ironic Comments says:

your lisp is so cute 😀

Lou says:

Yep. Here I am. Couldn't resist.

rebecca Ryan says:

this ASMR artist does very well even with a lisp ..i think it adds to the video

marincad says:

Oh no….! You've edited that thundering sneeze moment which was very cute:)
God bless you and check your email by the way 🙂

Stephen McAllister says:

You are a Charlie's Angel aren't you?

Mr Spider says:

got a cold?

Tobias H. says:

Before you read this i wanna point out

 I am super straight….

That eyeshadow…

… btw still straight…

…is on point. I am still straight.

Libranitus Johnson says:

Rice is the best isn't it?? Especially when you want two thousand of something…

powderedwater67 says:

Last time I was triggered by Steak & Shake, they f'd up my burger.

powderedwater67 says:

OMG she's a coupon lady…

flap jack says:

are you trying to seduce me with coupons? cause it's working

midnightsmichael says:

love your look in this one. 🙂

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