ASMR Whisper ~ Coupon Show & Tell + Clipping & Using Pointer

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A show & tell of a little packet of coupons from the Sunday paper. We’ll clip a few, and I’ll use the pointer as we go along and examine each coupon.


lily j says:

I love how teachers try to tell parents on what is appropriate for their kids! I dont beleive in schools only homeschooling where the child gets first class education…teachers can screw themselves! Rant over….love this video soo relaxing

Claire Hernandez says:

I love your coupon videos and dollar tree videos keep up the great work

noxplum says:

23:49 i think the word she's looking for is frugal (thats how i am)

Elephant ASMR says:

Where do you get all these coupons from.

Morgan Trial says:

Your whispering voice is absolutely incredible! I have been experiencing ASMR immunity for quite some time now, but this video gave me constant tingles all the way throughout!
Thank you so much!

Scotie Ed says:

This was very relaxing 😊
DreamWorld here I come! ✌😴

TeemUltimate says:

Love that your southern accent sounds completely normal to me because I live in Texas

Gloria Coogle says:

I have been feeling anxious lately and your videos have been so soothing and helpful for me. Thank you for that. Also you mentioned in the video you have a hard time keeping meatballs together. Do you add egg to your meatballs? My mother runs Italian bread under water so it soaks it up, but not too much, squeezes out the water and mixes it in with the meat and whatever seasonings, which I am unsure of. Maybe that helps with binding it together. (Store bought, just basic white bread, but the package says Italian on it).

José Melo says:

Almost perfect! The sound of someone walking desesperates me

Shaniee Monae says:

I love your videos but this one has a lot of inaudible parts.. idk if it's your whispering that's not going well with the mic or what.. everything else was clear and tingly.

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