Bacchanal Buffet TIPS – BEST in Las Vegas Brunch vs Lunch Menu

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Caesar’s Palace Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas is voted the best buffet in Las Vegas by USA Today.

Will go over tips like how to avoid the lines by buying a $20 express pass or using their FreshTxt Kiosk booths to have them text you when your table is ready.

Coupons for Bacchanal Buffet are available by using your Total Rewards card. You will get a $1 discount and sometimes there are Groupon or LivingSocial available.

You can go for Brunch to eat Lunch or Dinner. In our case, we went for Early Bird Brunch and stayed for Brunch. Keep in mind, they don’t serve the next level up until a hour later.

Tipping 18% gratuity is mandatory for party of 8 and more. Your receipt will be marked TIP when you tip. When you get seated, make sure to ask for the pool view.

There is a 2 hour limit at Bacchanal Buffet but they are lenient. Just tip your waiter if you plan to stay a long time.

Bathroom or restroom for the bacchanal buffet is to the right of the exit. You are free to unload and re-enter.

Buffet of Buffets 24 hour buffet pass does not include the Caesar’s Bacchanal Buffet or the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet at the RIo. If you want to add them, it’s $15-30 more depending on the meal you want.

Bacchanal opened in 2012 and it’s the top result you get on Yelp when you search the term “buffet.”

They serve more than 500 items daily and the chefs seemed to care about the quality of their dishes. If you can only eat at one buffet in Vegas, this should be the one.

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Love your videos!

TheBagBalm says:

Can you do a review of korean bbq called Biwom in vegas? Thanks

Epic Travels says:


Epic Travels says:

Great tips
Thanks a lot

Foodie says:

We don't like to eat buffets on the Vegas Strip, we usually go to Korean BBQ, hotpot or other Asian restaurants near the strip. Most people don't realize if you go off the strip 5-10 minutes, there so many options.

HT says:

Great info.I see a DJI mobile gimble.Niceee

Del Lamar says:

Another great job. Thanks Kenji

David Gill says:

Great vids kenji

Ethan Nguyen says:

Will you be doing a Bellagio Hotel review anytime soon?

uhavemooface says:

Tipping should be earned. There is no reason to tip in a buffet. I don't get the reason for a tip when your dishing out all that money to eat there.

luck is long gone says:

Thanks for the info, we always stay at Aria and lately their buffet is really getting boring, we'll try Bacchanal n Sept!

Eduard Tee says:

Great video. The music that you use from 4:29 sounds pretty similar to what MobileTechReviews uses in her videos: Identical?

Nuvia Mendez says:

Wow great tips….

Amazing Bananas says:

Great video, short and to the point!

King Slayer says:

Yes definitely love the short simplicity of all your videos…very helpful tips…keep up the good work

John L. says:

OMG that is so much food, looks awesome!!

What We Eat says:

woW, great video and very helpful.Thumbs up^^

Karen Taylor says:

Great video, great tips too, going in October, plan on going around 9:30 or so for the early bird brunch, thanks, your awesome.

Vegas Live with Ninon says:

Can't wat to watch your next video. If your ever in the Vegas area, we would love for you to be a guest on our show. Check out our show.

son huynh says:

Good video. Gotta try. Have always done the buffet at Bellagio 👍🏾

Paul Z says:

Nicely done video. Very professional. 🙂

Matthew Campbell says:

Love the insider tips of requesting pool-view seating and showing the difference between early-bird and standard brunch. My favorite buffet still remains Wynn, with Bacchanal and Wicked Spoon being my runners up. Can't wait for the next video, keep up the great work!

Lourdes Cordova says:

very informative

Life in Vegas says:

Nice content.. Nicely done!! Greetings from Vegas Strip

Dick Varga says:

short & simple, thanks for the clarity.

andsam says:

I have to agree I went bacchanal not long after it opened in 2012 choice and the quality of food was unbelievable I'm back in Vegas in august and can't wait to see if it's still as good top video by the way thanks 👍👌

celso martinez says:

Just found your page today and you are awesome kenji! Great videos 🤙🏾

UtotheJ says:

Gave a thumbs up for this video!!! Would you suggest Sunday brunch or dinner for first timers? I couldn't find a menu, not sure what additions they would have for dinner vs. brunch.

DaveC01523 says:

Have always enjoyed this buffet, and thanks for the tips about avoiding the too-long lines. Its why we haven't been back. Maybe next trip we will.

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