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hope you guys are enjoying the videos!! sorry for the weird times when the audio started clicking i have no idea what does that lol


zynbw says:

my favorite is when a person come in with absolutely no coupon at all claiming they "left it at home" but hoping i'm still gonna give them a discount lol. like what?

Claire De Luna says:

Coupon fuckery. Yes, we all hate it. What's worse is when they make you call a manager, and your manager comes over and looks at it and is all, "Okay, well we'll do it THIS time. But this will be the LAST time." And inside I'm like, liar. No it won't. You won't remember this person 30 seconds after he/she walks away, and they will do it again and … the fuckery happens over and over again. It's BS is what it is.

BarknoorZ says:

Hahaha I have a coupon from the 1800s does THAT work? XD

thirteenfury says:

My favorite is when the customer has so many coupons (all for the right products and before they expire, mind you) that the terminal has a mental breakdown and refuses to accept any more coupons on the same transaction. The first time that happened to me I learned that even computers can't handle the madness of extreme coupon ladies.

Bearsident in a box says:

we just have general % of coupons so we just take one per customer and it says it right on the coupon, and people are like IT DOESNT SAY THAT ANYWHERE when we dont take two

Scrawleyart says:

TTTHHIIISSSSS!! The most problem I have is Groupon. I found out our store use to do have them, but we don't any more. There are moments when people come in with that expired groupon 5 mins before closing and want to argue. Twas entertain since they ended up dealing with my manager haha.

SirWonderousMary says:

I get more people who just argue that "Oh, but this sign says it's for sale!" than coupons. But when I DO get someone like that, It's always from Retailmenot. I HATE that place with a passion. Our store for someone reason took it for a few days, but other than that, we don't take it. Our coupons are exclusively for members only, or you get can $5 off for filling out the survey at the bottom of the receipt.

Lindsay Tayse says:

or the classic I have a coupon but it's at home… or but it's on my phone or emailed. or the worst… I have 800 coupons AND they end up paying cents.

Gillian Whitfield says:

YOU PUT IT INTO WORDS. There is literally nothing worse than people who bring in expired coupons or go over the limit of coupons and expect the workers to adhere to their mistakes. I got a story for you: One time a lady had like $5 in coupons which was fine, none of them were expired, was within limit. But her transaction was for like $175 so after coupons it was $170-something, but she thought with her $5 in coupons, she wouldn't have to pay at all? I had to explain 4 different ways that, no, coupons don't exempt you from paying for the rest of your stuff.

G Holzet says:

Dude, or, "hey, I left my coupon at home." Oh……does that mean I should honor your mistake? Amazing intro. Amazing video. I'm down. Keep em coming!

Jessica says:

don't think I've said it yet, but I'm loving the intro 😀

TheLilliantaylor says:

i HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE coupon abusers.

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