Bagels, Bagels, Bagels 😍 MUKBANG 😍 Coupon Clippers Eating Show

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We are Munching on Brueggers bagels for today’s Mukbang ASMR video. This is the second video of my coupon clippers series. Coupon clippers is a series where I cut out coupons, get good deals, and eat good food. I ate a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, an asiago bagel with cream cheese, a garlic bagel with munster cheese, tomato, egg, onion, and I also got a hot chocolate.

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Please grab your favorite meal and eat with me, or just sit back and enjoy the eating show and watch me eat.

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Bieshtah Zulmai says:

I like the way u eat

Dawn Thompson says:

I did my munching last night and do again tonight ur asome person watch ur show all time

Ana P says:

"The bagel memories are all just flooding in" lolllll aawww

samra khalid says:

Love ur lip colour 😍

Natasha S says:

I want bagels!!!!!!!

Tinkerbel says:

So, are we just going to ignore the fact that she farted at 3:25 😂

Samiya Akther says:

who else is watching this in a empty stomach?

khan nagma says:

I love the way u pop out your eyes..

Muslim Butt says:

dont mind but you look very over in all videos

KetyBlack93 says:

Whats the lipstick u r wearing? Its beautiful and its more beautiful on you!

Mohsen Riaz says:

Hi you are a true inspiration love you keep it up

bastard maxfield says:

Where did that scare on ur arm come from

Amy Lynn says:

No everything bagels? oh nooo! I am addicted to everything bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, omgggg 😍

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