Bath & Body Works NEW Coupons 25% Off + Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower Review

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Bath & Body Works NEW Coupons 25% Off + Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower Review #bathandbodyworks

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Crystal Dunson says:

Had it. Took it back to the store last summer

Karen Bennett says:

Thanks for a great video, Bonnie! I love the bunny ears. I also was excited to receive that set of B&BW coupons in the mail yesterday. I have to say the Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower is my favorite of the tropical line. I loved last year's deep pink packaging. The smell actually reminds me of Bubblicious gum and my childhood.

Kathy Kelch says:

I am not quite sure why I am not getting the mailer… I certainly spend enough and I was getting them so I am not sure what has Changed… it is not in my account either…. For all you guys that got the tropical coupon has it showed up in your account?

Cheryl James says:

I have never liked the scent before, but I am in love with the candle this year! 🥰 It's so sophisticated and hard to categorize. All I can say is I sniffed it and was mesmerized! I love the packaging, too. You should try it. 🤗

sweetncoy says:

I love BPBF, hate WBC lol. I have the older bottle though.

Julie Mudd says:

This is a good one!! Not my all time fave but I enjoy it every summer. I like to keep it in my pool bag.

Kim Lattimer says:

I wasn’t really a fan of the Bahamas Passion Fruit and Banana Flower last year either, but the packaging this year is SO pretty!! I also feel like the scent isn’t as bad to me this year as it was last year, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think I actually like the scent itself a bit better this year!

Caleigh Ross says:

It’s interesting how all of our smells are unique… I get a sour or acetone smell with the “among the clouds” candle… I cannot have it near me although I know it’s nice- that weird smell is overpowering

Kimberly Pagnozzi says:

I am using the shower gel from last year in the faceted packaging which smells amazing. But I went to BBW and was going to get the new cream and FFM but I couldn't smell ANYTHING on my skin. So I skipped it. Still loving my shower gel though.

LavenderCoffee says:

I know it’s not in the notes at all, but Bahamas smells like pineapple vanilla, or like a Dole Whip on me. I love it. But Wakiki smells like nothing five minutes after I put it on. I don’t know if it’s the formula this year or my skin.

Tray Csmereka says:

As soon as you said " coupon " I got butterflies in my stomach. 🤣🤣🤣
I'm seriously addicted to BBW. 🤣🤣🤣

Meredith Soriano says:

I purchased the Waikiki beach coconut, and the Bahamas passion, fruit and banana flower for me and my nose. As far as I’m concerned, they did a fantastic job on both. The Waikiki Beach coconut is a light coconut, and on the dry down, is very fresh and clean the Bahamas passion, fruit and banana flower has always always always been my favorite tropical fragrance but I’ve never purchased it because it was always something weird and funky smelling on my skin however this year they did a fantastic job with it. This addition is what I’m gonna have to stock up on beautiful fragrances.

Aly Q. says:

I am grateful for your videos, Bonnie. I'm sitting here in the waiting room at a dermatologist office, while my father has melanoma surgery, and I needed a Bonnie fix to lift my spirits. I have always liked this scent!

Jen Jen says:

Bahamas isn’t really my scent either. I just got the mist at least. I don’t love it enough to get the lotion or shower gel.

Demisha Grady says:

It stinks on me lol

Jen Jen says:

I hope I get the 25% off coupon. I doubt I will though because I don’t ever receive them.

mollie Schulman says:

Hi Bonnie! I feel the same way you do about this scent! In one way I love it and then the other way I get this sour BO type of smell 😂 I think I’ll pass on it this year. Love the bunny ears!!!

Cheryl Brim says:

I hope I get coupon this time…I didn't recieve one last time and I spend to much money at bbw to not recieve one…smh

Mrs Queen says:

I never get the coupons. How do you get them?

Shannon Mahi says:

I smell pineapple 🍍 in this for some reason

Mrs. Williams says:

Ive always enjoyed this scent 🥰

Candi C says:

I have not received my coupons yet, but I have started receiving coupons lately so I have hope. I am one of those that adore the Bahamas Passionfruit and Banana Flower! I need the sanitizer to come back in my pocketbacs. It gets me so many compliments! I guess it just works with my chemistry. Also, oddly enough, the Christmas Cookies seems to drive everyone around me nuts (in a fun way) 😂 I hope I find other fun scents like these in the future.

Misty says:

I was in store last month and used my app reward toward a free item. Last week when they had the free coco paradise items free with purchase I decided to place a small order. To my surprise my app reward was still showing in my wallet (even though I already redeemed it in store). Sure enough, the app allowed me to redeem it again. Not sure if that is a fluke or not but I used it.

Dahlia says:

SO its always buy 3 get 1 for the minis in Canada. Imagine I received an email today that says ''Limited offer tomorrow only, Buy 3 get 1 minis''

mochella says:

I couldn't smell Bahamas at the store! All I could smell was a weird tart note. But I gave it a chance and ordered the mist … And I'm in love. I've been wearing it for days now. It's such a happy scent to me.

Rocio Perez says:

I haven’t received a coupon from them in a very long time and I think it’s not fair for us that buy very frequently at BBW.

OneEpicRen says:

I've noticed that we be getting 25% every spring season or summer!? 🤞🏽 I get coupons

Heidi hunny says:

I love the passion Fruit and banana flower. It's gives me burberry her viber….now hear me out it has a tart yet green yet tart yet creamy note. Idk it immediately make me think tropical burberry her…but a bit creamier like her elixer

Tammy says:

with the candle price going up, they should increase the coupon prices i think.. even to 30%. i cant believe how much they keep on raising the candle prices… im glad i have so many now lol

Taylor Nation says:

I got the body cream of this in my friends mos bag and it was funky. Idk if it was going bad but it smelled almost like nothing but the light smell that was there was sour and just odd. With the tiniest floral all the way in the back. Nahhh

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