Bath & Body Works SAS Coupons BLIZZARD EDITION!

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Bath & Body Works SAS Coupons BLIZZARD EDITION! #bathandbodyworks #sas

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Ashley Crocker says:

I have a question, I had seen online and TikTok that bath and body works was toxic and harmful.. is that true?

LilLalita Gupta says:

Found out the hard way during the candle sale. I used my mailer coupon in store and it was also taken off my app coupons.

ken m says:

The lock out😮no power,.,,,.so much with storm!

Cassie Bozeman says:

The last time I got a coupon in the mail and in the app I was able to use them both. I haven’t recieved either yet. If I don’t get one I’m going to demand one when I go in the store 😂

Sharon Byrd says:

Thanks for the good SAS tips Bonnie.😃

Yvette Castillo says:

3:49 How do I start to get my mailers? For some reason I don’t get any, only the coupons and rewards on my app. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jan says:

Interesting I got different coupons. I got a free $8.5 Body Care item and 20% off

Jennifer Hartman says:

Bonnie be safe! It is very dangerous out there! Been working on last minute gifts! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Bonnie & family! Stay warm & safe!❤️💚🎄❄️☃️🍭❣️🍬🦌

Jennifer Hartman says:

Haven't got a coupon but broke down in blizzard in Iowa. So cold! Crazy winter storm, froze and roads closed! It's almost -40 below in Iowa!! Yay we are staying inside!! So bad!!

Shermaine says:

I def need some coupons

Kendra singleton says:

Do you think the coupons will show up in the app?

Dana Mcleod says:

Yesterday I went to Mentor Mall for some last minute Christmas shopping and the wind off the lake was cutting like a knife. I did see some of SAS items in the infamous red bins

April Mcknight says:

Merry Christmas Bonnie to you and family, hope you have a blessed day 🙏 🧑‍🎄🤶

Sweetswithmyeats K says:

Frozen pipes but BBW candles keeping us warm!

kdfree91 says:

Try living in Buffalo! It really is a blizzard here.


I was so excited to get this coupon I can never get any bath and body works coupon I'm going to go crazy in the store 😁

daniellesecher says:

Hi Bonnie, where do I get the 10$ coupon? I dont see it in the email or my account :/

Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends says:

Stay warm and safe.

I got a notification that Dec. 24 at 11am Eastern that BOPIC would be turning off, so I think that is when the online sale will hit.

Jana Cahill says:

Why when a Blizzard happens in Ohio, its 100 degrees in Dallas? Do the Climate Control People know Why?

Tamiko R says:

Wow, that is wild. Only wind, rain and flooding here. It’s 9 degrees as i type this. We are staying in and keeping warm. Be safe and warm everyone.

Nancy Kane says:

Ohh, Bonnie
That was crazy. .. so glad you had
the heat back on + you got back in the house + safe.
Level 3 in my county in Sandusky, so no one was permitted to be out on the road, unless you would risk being stopped
We will see how Christmas Eve + Christmas Day goes
Merry Christmas to all of you at your
house 💚❤️✨️✨️

Julie Ohagan says:

8degrees in NYC! No snow yet but really cold! Brrr! Stay warm!

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