BBC Look East – Tesco Coupon Shop £1164.39 Down to £0.00

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(Correction) Not all addresses are Freepost but the one’s I wrote to for this shop were (if they didn’t have a Freepost address I e-mailed them).

My Facebook page is

Please watch: “Teaching a family how to save money in two weeks!”


Elly Ibbs says:


Helen C says:

Incredible, you are amazing!!! 🙂 x

kimmy says:

Just told my mum bout this. She was shocked. I think she might start collecting coupons! Tysssm

Toqeer Fatama says:

Wow…I just love Holly

Heather Gill says:

You need a award from Queen for all u done xxx

Heather Gill says:

Well done Holly 🙂 xxx

Abigail Hainsy says:

Well done on donating all this! I not quite sure what chronic pain is but my stepmum suffers a condition where 2 nerves rub together in her brain causing serve pain, to the point where she can't chew! She had brain surgery earlier this year.

Anikó Dóbiász says:

You're awsome! 🙂

L0KI619 says:

WOW!!!!! Well done!

Sarah Tonin says:

How awesome! 🙂 Do you have fibro' ?I have a couple of friends who have that, and life is very hard for them, so I think the way you are coping with it is really inspiring! 🙂   I want to start couponing, but the only coupons I've found are for online, rather than in-store shopping. Any tips on which newspapers to buy/where to start?:) All the hugs xxx

May R says:

so proud of you Holly! you are amazing!

Amber Howe says:

This is amazing holly so inspiring xox 🙂 super happy for you xox

Yo Sammy! says:

well done holly, me and my family are so proud of you 🙂

Kara Loux says:

well done girly!! xXx

littlestar8603 says:

Good job missy! Well done! X

Jenifer L says:

Well done Holly & family, what a lovely, generous and selfless thing to do, donating your haul to charity. Congratulations on smashing the record! Have a lovely Christmas xx

Rebeka Galloway says:

Congratulations holly such a inspiration to me❤️x

HunT Craft says:

It's like living next to a celebrity lol

Dorothy Freeman says:

Just great Holly xx

june ingram says:

Fantastic holly

SallieAnne says:

You didn't use your club card! 😱😱😱

Aisha Comber says:

well done Holly. xx big hugs x

PetitMew says:

Congrats! I've been following your Facebook for a long time now and was teary when I saw your video as it hit £0. What an amazing thing you have done for other people. Well done 🙂

coupontoprovide says:

Love it love it love it! Congrats girl! Woooooohoooooo!

LuLu Davies says:

Your amazing Holly

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