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These are my 2 go to online coupons sites. I don’t buy anything without checking here first. What’s your favorite coupon site. Tell me below.

Comments Best Coupon Website says:

Retailmenot has coupons for every store but I don't consider it best.

representing50plus says:

I've never created an account I just go there and use them.

GracefulRaven says:

Thank You Representing 50 Plus! I created an account on both.

Diana Garcia says:

Thank you so much for this video ! ! It deff helped me out if u have any other money saving tips please make another video id live to see it thanks again god bless 🙂

Robert Sky says:

Great advice been looking for some good sites. Found this too and they are giving out free $50 voucher to Target :D. Check them out, I have had luck with them so far. And I will defs check out your list. Thanks.

Sean Murphy says:

Thank You for your help. I'm new to the coupon game,and cant wait to start saving money.

Pinky Green says:


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