Best (REALLY) Free VPNs for 2017

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You already know why you need a virtual private network – VPN – to protect your privacy and avoid having people track or block sites you want to visit. But do you know which is the best of the VPN options on the market to use? And which offer free options if you’re just wanting to use a VPN for a week or two while on a trip?

Tech expert Dave Taylor teamed up with VPNmentor to explore three companies that offer free VPN services, and demonstrates each in this quick and informative video. To go further, here are some helpful inks:


There are some additional VPN services you can check it too if none of those meet your specific needs, as discussed in this terrific article:

Top (REALLY FREE) VPN Services 2017

Want a second opinion on free VPNs? You can find additional video reviews of the three free VPN options here:

And finally, one more link, to a must-read coupon and discount page on VPNmentor that will save you money if you opt for a paid VPN service:


Andrew Wilson says:

Sorry if its not free then don't put a title Best (REALLY) free VPN's

Nautical Narwhal says:

Verified with only 7.5k SUbs?

chongokhan says:

THANK YOU, you're video is probably the most understandable and concise among all the other free VPNs videos I've seen, really helpful and thank you again for mentioning vpnmentor it's really helpful, keep up the good work

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Thanks a lot. Itā€™s really usefull.

Smart Switchable Glass says:

It works, thank you! Great video.

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