Best Soccer Cleat Deals for Back to School! – Labor Day Weekend Sales

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idiscomanor says:

Josh the deals are done right. If there done when will the next deals come out?

Pablo Pablo says:

When does the sr4u laces sale ends?

jaydgreen1 says:

Really enjoy the new intros, Josh.

justin rodriguez says:

Thanks josh you're the GOAT

Thuan Tran says:

where can i find the magistax indoors

Emmanuel Matu says:

just ordered Evopower vigor 1 after deciding whether to buy that or Magista Obra II. when i see better discount for Magista Obra II, then i'll go for it. hehehe

Morty says:

Should I get Vapor 11 or Tiempo legend 7 for an aggressive midfielder

WhoDat says:

Josh what is the best indoor soccer shoe on the market currently?

Ben Ward says:

Can u do a video on marshals and if we live in England why's the best way to get cheap boots btw I love ur vids

JITC says:

can you do one for canada

Mohammed Mohammed says:

Where is the vapor 11 deal for 89 dollars? Plus what's wrong with the website?

Satiish Raaj says:

Comparing Ace 16+ and Ace 17+,which cleat has the better lockdown without laces for narrow feet ?

Joey Roman says:

Thank you I copped the ace purecontrol 🙂

Ryan Schneider says:

Josh where are these sales taking place

Tom north says:

Hey josh do you prefer the nike magista onda 2 the nike hypervenom phelon 3 or the puma evo power vigor 2

Richard Estrada says:

Keep doing those kind of intro😂👍🏻

Ayman Alam says:

Dear Josh do you personally prefer adidas turfs or Nike turfs? What's your favorite turf from both companies?

Michael Karpe says:

Josh what do you think a better cleat is for an adolescent who's foot is not done growing. The ace 17+ pure control or the ace 17.1 half a size bigger so I have it for longer?

Otto Pause says:

+Soccer Reviews For You hey is the Nike mercurial veloce 2 a great boot for 40$ brand new? I used to have them and loved them and don't care about acc

Perk Mikki says:

I think sambas r better and u can get them for 64 dollars

Pan-Mathias Vik says:

Hey Josh, I can't find any reviews on the Falke 4Grip football socks, can you make a review on them and compare them to the NikeGrip and Trusox

Márquez Simon Julian says:

Hi josh

Can you do a top 5 budget boots please

david k says:

I got the magista proximos for $38! Cant beat it.

heartSLB says:

Those are some epic sales

xanthos kekkos says:

Which boot would you suggest, I mean what's best value for money in these sales. I am originally a striker, but I play midfield too and sometimes winger

bacon and egg sandwich wit no juice says:

can i wear them at school?

dave126 says:

Are you going to bring in the Puma One Chrome? It seems to be synthetic instead of leather, if you are looking on the online pictures. Also, I would love to see a review of the Umbro Medusae 2 Pro. I know that Umbro already sent you a press kit of their elite model and that you probably have to purchase the pro variation by yourself, but I am very curious what the differences between the two variations are!

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