BIGGER Discount Code For OpticsPlanet!

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“CUTLERY10” Coupon Code For 10% Off


Brandon Scott says:

Is this code still good?

MrLeadslinger45 says:

I used it, thanks

MrCrazyCub says:

Jeff,  Let me just say… I appreciate your videos.  I enjoy the randomness sometimes between beer, knives, and Wal-Mart butt crack encounters. I started watching you because of the knife reviews over a year ago.  All kidding aside, keep doing what you're doing, we (your subscribers) really enjoy your personality.  I swear if I met you in person, I would feel like you were one of my good friends.  I know I would instantly get along with you.  I hope and pray that you and your new bride have a great Christmas and an awesome start to 2015!  Keep on keepin' on brotha!

Your friend from Tennessee, 

SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

This I REALLY like the looks of! And with 10% off, you get a PM2 for under $110? DEAL!!! LOL

ddogg845 says:

hell yeah truman show

cutlerylover says:

IMPORTANT, this code is good until the 15th of DECEMBER then it goes back to 5% but it should be 10% sometime in 2015 and last forever…

Anthony Ramos says:

Really Love your videos, I Actually got inspired to start collecting knives by you, about a year ago. Thanks For Doing what Your doing & Congrats on the marriage

cfb99709 says:

Just tried to use the 10% discount on a Nightforce Scope and they said that this discount is not available for this item?? I thought they told you it was site wide, everything on their website?

Herfmonster says:

Well, there is that song from the Sound of Music that goes…
So long
Fare well
Auf wiedersehen

Davidcorner111 says:

Saw down the comments that there's gonna e a storytime, make it as long as possible

Don Quixote says:

thank you very much for the 10% off code. I ordered a trigger pull gauge and a Otis cleaning system. I saved 60 dollars total. Much appreciated Jeff. Merry Christmas.

Thasausbaus says:

Hey Should i buy this Or this?      I can only buy under 40 dollar and i don't live in the us or uk. Maybe you have some other suggestions? Thank you 😀

s1dthesl0th says:

Jeff do you know we're the Isle of Wight in England is. I think it's your kind of place (I live there. ) Plus merry Christmas to you and Christina

Joel C says:

proof that it never hurts to ask!

Survival Mindset says:

Thanks for the code J I will be using it. Have a good one.

DMKUSA says:

Thanks for the discount Code Bro !!! ThumbZ UP 😉 (Y)

michael fisher says:

good afternoon to me i always watch your videos after school and sometimes in school like at lunch love your videos man!

agger732 says:

Do you know when this code expires?

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