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If you like the video, please let me know your responses in the comments section below and give me your thoughts/ideas on what I mention early on 🙂 Thank you for watching!


instagram: jgrayson11

Music: Joe Bagale


FarHaven says:

I think you do daily vlogs really well. One of the few that really pull it off. 🙂 But I suppose I would be looking forward to them a lot too if you were bring them out less frequently. I'm good for whatever 😀

Kayleigh C says:

Your vlogs are the one thing I look forward to coming home from work and watching. Even if they became a weekly occurrence I would probably find myself watching the previous ones you have done to fill the time between each one. I especially love watching the walks you go on with Oli, and of course the appearances from Ed, Nick and Ryan. The four of you together make me laugh. You seem like such a nice guy and I really enjoy watching your vlogs. Can't wait to watch the next one 🙂

Chloé Grace says:

These Vlogs are what I look forward to everyday😊 I really enjoy watching them, keep up the good work, cause I love watching your Vlogs😊

Sophie Buck says:

I wouldn't mind as long as you don't ever leave YouTube! I understand how hard it must be to daily vlog so do whatever makes you happy, don't feel like your content isn't strong caus I love watching! I love the fact your are such a genuine person like it's all true what's in your videos, nothing is fake or sponsored or anything you don't enjoy and that's what makes you special. So as I said, do whatever makes you comfortable and go for it! Xx:)))

WhereverIGoIMightStay says:

I'd really miss the daily vlogs, but at the same time I can only guess at just how hard it actually is! I think what makes your vlogs so special is that you aren't one of these 'constantly sponsored to jump off buildings and ride tigers' type people. It's really kinda refreshing and comforting to see someone just be them. Entertaining, but relatable.
But idk 🙂 you do you 🙂 Look forward to the next one!

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