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I’m going to share some information on buying and selling coupons. First off, we don’t recommend it. And there’s a lot of different reasons why. As a consumer, when you are trying to buy coupons, you run into a lot of potential risks.

There’s coupon fraud out there. There’s people who are replicating coupons and are trying to sell them on a variety of different websites, and ultimately they are not going to work. So you might fork out some money for that coupon, thinking you are going to get big savings, and you are not going to get them at the end.

There are coupons that we receive in the mail that are intended for us. They are tied to, let’s say, our credit card, our store card. And they’re not going to work either. Right? They are tied to our specific customer ID. If you buy that and you bring it in, it’s not going to work.

When we think of the other side, these are also not good for the manufacturers themselves. When they throw out their couponing strategies, they think about this is how many coupons I’m going to distribute, and this is the expected redemption rate. And so I might be going out there with a coupon where I’m not going to make any profit or I might even be at a loss, but I’m willing to do that to get my name out there, to get a new customer in the store. Whatever it might be. When we start buying coupons to stores that we already love, it really screws up that strategy for them. And it makes it hard for them to offer these continued savings.

So ultimately, what we would say is can you share coupons? Sometimes, if you clip something and you want to give it to your sister, by all means do that. But avoid buying coupons and really avoid selling them. Because ultimately, you are not going to benefit and the manufacturer isn’t going to either.

So there’s just a little bit of information on buying and selling coupons.


Biff Tannen says:

If the manufacturer doesn't want people to use their coupons, then they shouldn't distribute them. If you distribute coupons, expect people to use them. Simple logic. This looks and sounds like a video from some lobbyist group still trying to keep the average Joe under their thumb.

Ihold8stars says:

I feed a family of 10, wide range of food items, organic, only fresh produce, fresh meats and deli items by buying every other item using coupons. My average savings is 50% or more per shopping trip. Please take this video down and I will make you a real how to.

Ihold8stars says:

#1 It is illegal to Buy or Sell coupons. #2 It is illegal to Ship/Send coupons throught the mail unless given permission from the holder/orginator- It is actually fraud. #3 this video is mistitled misleading. #4 if you really want to buy them online you can safely do so from various sites such as thecouponclippers who are a ministry family who has been clipping for years, they are on facebook as well- You are Not buying coupons you are paying for location of coupons/clipping services =)

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