C16. How to get FREE COUPONS!!!

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I live in the Houston area what you get your coupons in the mail for free on Thursday! If you live in an apartment complex put a trashcan by the mail boxes and get free coupons!!!


Flor Cedillo says:

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Mommy&Family says:

I get the red plum buttttt I don't get good coupons in them 😒

Alejandra Reed says:

My apartment complex put screws on the trash can so no one can get in lol

Debra Hamilton says:

keep up the good info

Liuhuayue says:

Heh heh, my family does that too, only, we look for McDonalds' coupons in particular. Xp

Little Britian says:

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beatriz j says:

I live in Houston too

Ashley Woods says:

Is there any place you like to coupon shop in Houston? Is there any place that does double couponing? I live in Houston and I am just starting.

LiLDuMPliN says:

Good Idea with the trash can

Michelle Carter says:

Great Idea!! Thank you!!!

Hafsa Quadri says:

I don't know which complex you live at, but all the complexes I have previously live at don't provide that kind of inserts because no one buys newspapers.

sammy sam says:

Brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Velicia Williams says:

Great idea!!!

victoria flowers says:

Hello can u help a sister out, r u still getting inserts for Free….

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

different papers has different kinds of inserts. E.G. Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune has different inserts types from the free Chicago's LaRaza. Chicago tribune gets the best coupons and LaRaza only gets the RP & SS.

Helen McClelland says:

Interesting video, btw, You can get your 100 dollars Walmart gift card in this site No credit card needed.

Mrs. Mom Next Door says:

That is amazing and so lucky!!! I cant believe that they give out coupons for free in the mail! I am Jealous! I Live in a small town and they only do it in the newspaper for $2 there are also no recycle bins! around here they only pick up with personal cans so I cant even dumpster dive! That's so lucky I would do the same if I could!

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